Father And Son Kung Fu Masters Defend Home Against Attackers [Video]

A father and son reportedly used their formidable kung fu skills to defend their home from group of a violent assailants.

Shen Jianzhong said the men were likely involved with real estate companies that are forcibly evicting people from their homes in China. According to the Los Angeles Times, the 38-year-old father and his 18-year-old son are kung fu masters who are skilled in the ways of their hero Bruce Lee.

“I take Bruce Lee very seriously,” Shen explained.

When the attackers broke into Shen’s home and began attacking his wife, the father and son martial arts experts sprang into action. Once the confrontation had ended, a sizable pile of bodies had gathered in Shen’s doorway. Amateur video of the aftermath was captured by his wife.

According to Weird Asia News, Shen Jianzhong believes the men were there to throw his family out of their home. Real estate developers are currently interested in transforming the village into a town, and Shen’s refusal to leave was slowing the process down.

Shen said what began with threatening posters ended with people getting attacked. He explained:

“This mob of thugs would block the street on most days. They would pick on the women, threatening to kill their kids. Then people started tossing bricks through windows and letting off fireworks at night. Some people got beaten in the streets.”

Although Shen said he was just trying to defend his family, police didn’t feel the same way. According to Business Insider, authorities said it was the father and son who were in the wrong since none of the assailants were armed. Police instructed Shen to sign the agreement with the real estate developers.

The kung fu master reluctantly agreed. After moving to Beijing, Shen and his son were arrested by authorities and charged with assault.

Aftermath of the fight has been embedded below. Some of the imagery is a little violent, so proceed with caution.

Although Shen said he doesn’t regret fighting to protect his family, he’s worried what may happen to his son down the road. Do you think the father and son kung fu masters should have been arrested for defending their home?