November 8, 2017
A Reddit User Exposed Kevin Spacey As A Pedophile Years Ago, After Seeing Him With Shirtless Boys In Thailand

As one of the most popular websites on the the world wide web, Reddit has, over the years, had its fair share of controversy. What used to be a bastion of free speech is now considered a heavily-biased platform by many. Still, anyone who has ever used the website would probably agree on one thing - it's not the censorship that will be the end of Reddit, it's the hive mind. The website's "upvote-downvote" system is its best friend and its greatest enemy.

Kevin Spacey used to be everyone's favorite celebrity. It's not just the redditors who are to blame for this. His work in films such as American Beauty, Glengarry Glen Ross, and The Usual Suspects has been applauded and praised by critics and audiences alike. A brilliant actor, Spacey has always kept his private life as private as possible. At least that was the case, until actor Anthony Rapp alleged that Spacey made a sexual advance toward him when Rapp was only 14-years-old. Ever since then, numerous anonymous sources have contacted major news publications, such as The Guardian, and shared their own stories, describing the actor's inappropriate behavior with young men. Perhaps even more interesting than these claims are posts written by a Reddit user, under the pseudonym El_Cochinote.

[Image by Hannes Magerstaedt/Getty Images]

Some of them have been written a full year ago, such as the one quoted below:

I saw pubescent boys in his lap, dancing for and massaging him, etc in a VIP room at a nightclub in an Asian country. In a developed country, I'd have broken his face then called the cops. In that country, I just felt nauseous and walked away. He has an army of lawyers that comb the Internet for reports of his sick predilections but if you Google him specifically around those predilections, you'll find a few things that have survived. Like I said, don't be surprised when the news breaks wide open. It's inevitable.
And here is another post, also written by the same Reddit user eight months ago:
Kevin Spacey is a pedo. Had the misfortune and disgust of seeing enough with my own eyes in a foreign country. The rumors are out there and it's a matter of time.
More recently, the same redditor posted an AMA (an "Ask me Anything" thread users post in a subreddit. a separate, mini forum, meant for such discussions). Allegedly, El_Cochinote saw Spacey in a private VIP room at a nightclub in Bangkok, Thailand, with young, shirtless boys sitting in the actor's lap, dancing for him and massaging him.

Child sex tourism is a multi-billion-dollar industry and many Asian countries, such as Thailand, are notorious for it. And although figures are hard to compile, according to some estimates, child prostitution in Thailand involved 800,000 children under the age of 16 in 2004. Western sex tourists often visit places such as Bangkok and Pattaya to indulge in despicable acts with children. If the Reddit user, who wrote about witnessing Kevin Spacey's escapades in the Southeast Asian country a year ago, is telling the truth, then Kevin Spacey was one of those sex tourists.

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