Ryan Reynolds Wonders About The Future Of ‘Deadpool’ If Disney Takes Over Fox

News recently broke that 21st Century Fox is considering selling off a large portion of their company to Disney. This would mean that Disney would be taking over a number of properties, including Fox’s movie studios. The movie studio includes such properties as the X-Men and Deadpool. While this would bring those properties into the same studio that already gives the world Marvel and Lucasfilm movies, that does not mean there are not some questions as to how it would effect at least one R-rated production. One person in particular who wants to know what this takeover would mean is Ryan Reynolds.

According to Heroic Hollywood, a tweet from Reynolds, the actor who helped bring Deadpool to life on the big screen, asked what this would mean for his character. In his tweet Ryan Reynolds said, “If this is true, I wonder how the fudge it would affect Deadpool.”

The Deadpool actor is not the only person wondering how this takeover would affect the X-Men properties, as well as other movies under Fox studios. Marvel fans are already wondering how Disney might change these movies or if it will end up impacting future Deadpool movies. Some fans even commented on Ryan Reynolds’ tweet to share their own thoughts, and this is before the takeover talks are even finalized. For now, the concerns are all hypothetical as no deals have been struck and talks have even been halted according to CNBC, which said that neither side is currently discussing a takeover with each other.

One of the concerns that many fans have expressed is what would happen with the R-rating that the Deadpool movies currently receive, and if future movies would be changed in order to fit in with Disney’s more PG-13 preferences. Since Ryan Reynolds is said to have fought hard to get that rating for the movie in order to stay true to its source material, it makes sense that he would be concerned about Disney making changes to Deadpool.

Even if a deal between Fox and Disney does go through, fans and Ryan Reynolds would likely not have to worry about the second Deadpool movie being impacted since filming recently wrapped on the production. However, if a takeover does go through, it remains to be seen how the R-rated franchise would be changed as part of the Disney family.

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