Is 'Long Island Medium' Theresa Caputo Still Married? Instagram Gives A Hint

Theresa Caputo of Long Island Medium admitted in a preview for this season that she is having issues with her husband Larry. Ever since the new episode aired on Sunday night, the fans have been going crazy wanting to know if Larry and Theresa are still together or not. She recently posted a picture on her Instagram that gives the fans a bit of a hint.

In this photo, Theresa is posing with fans. It is from back on October 20 and she is still wearing her wedding ring. It is known that this season of Long Island Medium was filmed a while back, so this has fans thinking that Theresa and Larry are still at least married even if they are having some issues in their marriage.

If you check her Instagram, she hasn't shared any photos of Larry recently, but that isn't strange at all. Theresa is normally posting things about her job and the fans that she meets while out on tour. Her last post with Larry was back on August 31 and was a post wishing him a happy birthday. Whatever is going on, hopefully, they share some of the big details on this season of the show.

The Inquisitr shared a while back about the fact that Theresa and Larry were having a few marriage issues. The information came out in a preview for Long Island Medium, but they haven't aired any of that part yet on the show this season. So far, there has only been one episode. Theresa says that this is hard for her to talk about on the show, but she is going to do it. She is being very open with her fans.

This season Theresa is trying a lot of new stuff. She is going to goat yoga and just looking for more things to do. This could be a bit of a midlife crisis, and who knows if Larry is enjoying all of the changes going on at their house lately.

Do you think that Theresa Caputo and Larry will be fine? Are you shocked to hear that they are having some marriage issues? Sound off in the comments section below, and don't miss new episodes of Long Island Medium on TLC.

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