‘The Sims 4’ Update Adds New Roof Types, Unlocks Photography For All Players

New roof types, the ability to shrink objects, and base game Photography are now in The Sims 4 after a free update. The patch is out today adding four new roof types and the ability to adjust the curvature of roofs. Not to mention, gabled and hipped roofs now have new manipulation areas letting players customize them on all sides.

In Build Mode, players will find the new pentagonal, hexagonal, octagonal, and round roof options. Like all roof pieces, these can be altered to be larger, customized to be taller, and they can be manipulated from each of their sides. All roofs can be further edited with the new Advanced Curvature Mode as detailed in patch notes on the EA website. While a roof piece is selected, players can press Shift and the letter “C” to toggle on the options. New grab points will appear on the roof letting players of The Sims 4 modify a piece more than ever before.

The new options in Build Mode are not alone in this update. Items purchased from Buy Mode now have extra functionality, too. Players can now take an object and shrink it down. Previously, players could easily make an object larger, but now objects can be made smaller than their default appearance. Players can continue making objects larger with the Close Bracket key and they can make them smaller than ever with the Open Bracket key. Items will retain their functionality, but since this is a standard cheat for The Sims 4, some issues may occur.

Photography now in The Sims 4 base game
The new roof options and an example of a scaled down item. [Image by Electronic Arts]

Players that focus on Sim gameplay rather than building and decorating have something exciting in the latest patch, too. The Photography skill is now part of the base game. Players can level their Sims’ skill to five increasing the value of images they take. The Photography skill was originally exclusive to the “Get To Work” expansion, but today’s update unlocks it for all players. To get started, players can have their Sims purchase a camera or use their phones.

The Sims 4 patch also fixes a number of bugs in the base game and its expansions. This extends to minor changes like toddlers being able to sleep on chairs again to wedding guests actually taking a seat if one is available. A good quality-of-life change includes items being highlighted in yellow if an object that is going to be rotated will affect them.

The latest patch for the game is out now before the new “Cats & Dogs” expansion releases on November 10. As the Inquisitr reported, the expansion will add furry friends as pets, the veterinarian job, and many more new items to The Sims 4.

[Featured Image by Electronic Arts]