Potential Huguette Clark Heir Dies Homeless Under Bridge

A potential heir to the $300 million Huguette Clark fortune died homeless under a bridge in Wyoming on Thursday. Children sledding in the small town of Evanston found the body of 60-year-old Timothy Henry Gray underneath a Union Pacific Railroad overpass.

As a relative of Huguette Clark, the late reclusive heiress, Timothy Gray stood the possibility of inheriting $19 million from her multimillion dollar fortune.

Temperatures in Evanston, a small mining town near the Utah border, reached a low of just 10 degrees on Thursday. According to The Daily Mail, the coroner indicated that Gray, dressed in a light jacket, appeared to have died from hypothermia. Authorities do not expect foul play in the death.

Authorities have not determined if the man had been living beneath the overpass where transients have been known to take shelter. Family members had not been in contact with Gray following his mother’s funeral 22 years ago.

NBC News reports that Timothy Gray had a well known and impressive family lineage. He was the adopted great-grandson of former US Senator William Andrews Clark, a man who garnered a massive list of accomplishments. A banker and railroad builder, Senator Clark was considered to be one of Montana’s copper kings and the founder of Las Vegas.

Timothy Gray was the half great-nephew of Huguette Clark, the senator’s daughter. After years as a recluse in New York, she passed away at the age of 104 leaving none of her massive fortune to relatives. Several family members have recently come forward with a lawsuit seeking to claim an inheritance portion by challenging the heiress’ will.

Council for the case were unable to locate Gray and he was presumably unaware of the lawsuit at the time of his death. If the case wins in court Gray would have been awarded approximately $19 million.

Strangely, an unused cashier’s check from 2003 for a “significant amount” of money was found in the potential Huguette Clark heir’s pocket by authorities, according to NBC News.