‘Married To Medicine’ Stars React To Lisa Nicole Cloud’s Departure

Season 5 of Bravo's "Married to Medicine"

One person noticeably absent from the Married to Medicine Season 5 premiere episode that aired on Sunday night was Lisa Nicole Cloud. Since the second season, Lisa Nicole had been a big part of the show, thanks to her frequent feuds with the other women, much of which stemmed from their questioning of her marriage to Dr. Darren Naugles. Throughout the seasons, Nicole’s marriage to Darren was constantly criticized due to claims that he not only cheated on her but did so with a man.

Prior to the premiere of Season 5, Bravo posted a video in which the show’s continuing cast members, Toya Bush-Harris, Dr. Simone Whitmore, Mariah Huq, Dr. Jackie Walters, Dr. Heavenly Kimes, and Quad Webb-Lunceford, gave their reactions to the departure of Lisa Nicole from the show. Not surprisingly, given what happened in Season 4, during which Lisa Nicole became estranged from much of the cast, most of the women weren’t too sad about her absence.

Toya Bush-Harris admitted that she didn’t miss Lisa Nicole very much.

“You know it’s so funny. Me and Quad were talking about Lisa Nicole yesterday. We were like, ‘Do you miss her at all?’ And I was like, ‘I actually, no!'”

Dr. Simone Whitmore said that Lisa was fake.

“And the thing is this with Lisa. I think she’s beautiful. I think she’s intelligent. But she is fake, fake, fake, fake…”

Mariah Huq said that she and Lisa Nicole are still “very cordial” and “very cool” with one another but still managed to put in a small dig about her clothing collection.

“Lisa Nicole and I are still very cordial and we are very cool. Now I’m not saying I’ll be wearing Lisa Nicole collection. I will leave that for Kandi Koated Nights.”

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Dr. Jackie Walters revealed that Lisa sent her a nice text message after news broke that her husband, Curtis, was cheating on her. On the Married to Medicine Season 5 premiere, Jackie revealed to the other women that Curtis had cheated on her and said that she wasn’t sure what she was going to do about their marriage.

“I haven’t spoken to Lisa since the reunion. However, I did get a lovely text message from Lisa during my trials, to say that she had read that in the blog and she was rooting for me. Thank you, Lisa. I appreciate it.”

Out of all the women, Dr. Heavenly Kimes had the most to say about Lisa Nicole. On Season 4, Heavenly and Lisa Nicole battled with one another after a conference they tried to do together went awry.

“Lisa Nicole. Do I have a beef with Lisa Nicole? I do not have a beef with Lisa Nicole. I feel like I, um, I don’t trust her. Um, we would probably never have a real meaningful friendship because I don’t trust her. I think she’s a fake. I think that she’s a fraud. I think that, um, she lied on me. Anytime somebody lies on you and they don’t ever come with the truth and they continue to lie again and again, that’s the type of person I have no respect for. Do I have a beef with her? No, I absolutely do not. I don’t hold a grudge. I’m not Quad.”

Quad Webb-Lunceford, meanwhile, called Lisa Nicole “invisible.”

“You mean the invisible woman? Lisa Nicole Cloud? She who shall not be named? Oh no, I don’t have any beef with her. She’s invisible!”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Lisa Nicole Cloud claimed several months ago when TMZ caught up with her that she decided to quit Married to Medicine in order to focus on her business and having another child with her husband. However, with the recent posting on King of Reads of an audio voicemail that may be of Lisa Nicole arguing with her husband, Darren, and a woman he’s cheating on her with, it’s not clear whether Lisa Nicole still plans on expanding her family.

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