Mariah Huq On The ‘Married To Medicine’ Season 5 Promo Photo, Lisa Nicole Cloud Replaced

On Tuesday, Bravo released the preview and promotion photo for the fifth season of Married to Medicine. The promotional photo for Season 5 shows the return of Simone Whitmore, Jackie Walters, Toya Bush-Harris, Quad Webb-Lunceford, and Heavenly Kimes. Taking Lisa Nicole Cloud’s place is Contessa Metcalfe. However, in the preview trailer, there is one other woman featured prominently: Mariah Huq.

In the preview, Mariah is shown hanging out with the other women in several scenes. There is even one scene that shows Mariah and Heavenly having an intense argument and looking as if they’re about to physically fight. So why wasn’t Mariah in the promotional photo? Early on Wednesday morning, Mariah clarified her position on the show while also throwing some shade toward the show’s production team.

Mariah admitted that the show’s production team made the decision to not feature her as a starring cast member on the season’s opening credits, which led to her not really wanting to take part in a photo shoot for the show. Mariah claimed that she was invited to have her photo taken for promo purposes but was sick that day.

“Good morning tea. I haven’t slept all night because all of you have been in-boxing me about season 5 Married to Medicine‘s picture that I’m not in. First of all, I was invited, I have to say, I have to be honest, but I was sick. When they told me I wasn’t going to be in the main titles, which is the opening commercial of the show, I said, ‘Well, why would they want my picture to promote the show if I’m not going to be in the main titles?'”

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After saying that she’s on good terms with all the women, Mariah took the production team to task for not treating her right. Mariah also had some complaints about the promo photo.

“And besides, girls look beautiful. I love all the women of Married to Medicine. I’ve made peace with all of them. I wish them well but you know I got a beef with the producers. I want to be treated like one of the boys, as the creative and executive producer, I believe in gender equality. And besides, why would I want to be looking like I work at Bank of America?! They got everybody looking dull! And then it’s fifty shades of all the same complexion? Well s**t. These are some beautiful ladies, all different colors of the rainbows.”

With a flourish, Mariah ended the video by proclaiming that she’s still very much a part of the show.

“So don’t fret for me, she’s okay. Yes, she’s not in the picture but she still here. Catch!”

While Mariah Huq is at least still a recurring cast member on Married to Medicine, Lisa Nicole Cloud is nowhere to be seen on either the promo photo or the preview. Lisa already announced back in March that she was leaving the show. In a video shown on TMZ, Lisa said that she made the decision to leave the show to focus on her clothing line and to expand her family. Her desire to have another baby with her husband, Darren Naugles, was a major storyline last season. Rumors regarding Darren’s sexuality and fidelity were also a major storyline last season. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Lisa, as last season aired, even threatened to sue co-star Toya Bush-Harris for slander after she called Darren gay in one episode.

Yet, perhaps viewers will see Lisa Nicole Cloud pop up every now and then as Season 5 progresses. In her farewell video, after making it clear that producers still very much want her on the show, Lisa said that she’s open to filming some cameos.

“They don’t want to see me leave at all. They would definitely want to see me still connected with the show and that’s why I would, um, probably make occasional appearances as time permits…”

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