United Regional Jet Slips Off Albany, New York Runway, No Injuries

Albany, NY — A United Airlines regional jet slid off the runway into a snow bank at an airport in upstate New York.

The plane became stuck in the snow bank and temporarily stranded passengers, though no one was hurt.

The flight, operated by United Airlines, had just left the gate at the Albany County Airport on its way to Chicago on Saturday when it slid off the paved roadway, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The incident occurred after a day of light snow in the area. There were 65 passengers and crew members on board at the time of the incident. They were put on a bus and taken back to the airport terminal while crews worked to free the regional jet, notes The Associated Press.

Doug Myers, a spokesman for the Albany County Airport Authority, assured that the incident did not cause a delay in flights from the airport. The plane was removed from the snow bank and will be inspected for any problems.

United Airlines will then decide if the regional jet will remain in service or if it will be retired.

This is not the first airplane accident on Saturday, as a Red Wing passenger plane slid off the runway in Moscow during landing. The plane broke apart after running into a barrier, killing four people and wounding four more. Initial investigations point to pilot error as the cause of the deadly accident.

Icy and snowy conditions have wreaked havoc on flights around the world in past week.