Melissa Alcantara's Instagram: $50K-Year Assistant To $7.50-Hour Intern To Kim Kardashian's Trainer [Videos]

Paula Mooney

Melissa Alcantara has described what it was like to quit her $50,000 per year job and end up getting a call from Kim Kardashian to help train the superstar into a better body. As seen on Melissa's Instagram account, named fitgurlmel, Alcantara posed a recent "Transformation Tuesday" post that described how Melissa not only transformed her body after gaining 70 pounds from pregnancy but also transformed her life and career.

Alcantara writes that she left her full-time job as a marketing assistant, where she was earning $50,000 per year, in order to become a production intern, making only $7.50 per hour. However, because it was something she wanted to do, it worked out well for Melissa in the end. By 2013, she discovered fitness, and two years later, she left a job as a photography producer that brought in $60,000 per year. Alcantara next took a job as a hostess, earning $13 per hour in an eatery in order to give her enough time to focus on her love of fitness. That gave her time to create her fitness program, titled "Melissa's 8-week Body Sculptor." In 2017, Alcantara won her very first bodybuilding competition and received a message that Kim Kardashian wanted Melissa's help with training.

"I've had a couple of transformations but this is by far craziest one. For anyone who wants to follow their dreams, who wants to do what they love, TAKE RISKS!! Get out of your comfort zone and do something for you! You never know what could happen."

"It's your hand putting that into your mouth. You have control. You want long-lasting results. Implement this into your everyday lifestyle. I may kill you."

In the meantime, Melissa displays plenty of healthy food options on her Instagram page.