‘Married At First Sight’ News: Sheila Duhon Reveals That Husband Nate Has Been Having An Affair

Married at First Sight fans remember Nate and Sheila Duhon as the couple with strong Christian beliefs. Her announcement this evening on Facebook has left fans shocked and confused.

The initial chemistry between the couple was visible to all at their wedding. When they met at the altar, the two were quite taken with each other, which is a great start on the series. As the season wore on, the two began having a lot of arguments. Most of them ended with Sheila’s famous, “I’m not doing this with you,” line that fans of Married at First Sight were so tired of hearing.

Viewers would often take to social media to discuss the couple’s latest spat. Most fans agreed that Sheila made everything more complicated than it needed to be. Nate was seen as the patient husband that always gave just a little extra in order to keep his impossible wife happy.

At the end of the season, the couple was asked the infamous questions that all Married at First Sight fans wait for. Both Nate and Sheila agreed that they wanted to remain married.

The couple has remained very active on social media. Postings are usually upbeat, but not too personal. Sheila broke the silence today on her Facebook and Twitter accounts, however. She posted that she had received a phone call from a woman that Nate had called while they were on their honeymoon. Apparently, the two have been having an affair. Sheila confirmed as much when she commented on her posts that Nate had admitted the woman was telling the truth.


Many of the fans of Married at First Sight are responding to the posts with well-wishes, love, and support for Sheila and Nate, as they face this. Others are suggesting that posting such personal business in the heat of the moment may not be in her best interest.

Are you surprised to learn that Nate has been unfaithful to Sheila all along? Do you think there is a chance the two could still have a future together? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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