Melania Trump Wears $4,800 Striped, Floral Fendi Coat And Nude Pumps In Japan

Following a brief trip to Hawaii, Melania Trump and Donald Trump headed to Asia, where they will spend the next 12 days. Melania arrived with the President in Japan early Sunday morning and, of course, already has the world talking about her wardrobe.

The first lady kicked off her her first day in Japan in an eye-catching striped coat, which has drawn her much attention. The bold coat features thick, horizontal, color-blocked stripes which alternate between varying shades of gray, brown, orange, and black. The coat, which is apart of Fendi's pre-Fall collection, is also adorned with multi-color floral accents near its mid-section.

Melania Trump paired her coat with nude Manolo Blahnik pumps, the price of which hasn't been identified at this time. Melania also sported a leather skirt underneath the coat, according to Breitbart, though it isn't visible in any of her photos. The first lady finished off her look with long, face-framing layers, which seems to be her signature look.

She also decided against wearing any jewelry.

For those interested in recreating Melania's look for themselves, the fashion finders at White House Fashion have identified and priced the coat, which retails for $4,800 on Far Fetch's website. Per the website, the Italian-made coat is a virgin-alpaca-wool blend and also comes with a belt at the waist.

This marks the second time that Melania has placed a coat dress at the center of her look in recent history. As previously reported by The Inquistir, Melania Trump was photographed wearing a Cobalt Blue coat dress, as she departed for her long journey to Asia.

Melania spent the first part of her Sunday with her Japanese counterpart, Akie Abe, at a pearl maker's shop in Japan's affluent shopping district, according to Express. Later on that day, Melania Trump and Donald Trump joined Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for dinner.

What do you think about Melania Trump's $4800 Fendi coat? Did it suit the first lady? Do you think that it was a fitting choice for her trip to Japan? You can add your thoughts to the comment section below.

[Featured Image By Mark Wilson/Getty Images]