Windows 8 App Store Now Has 35,000 Apps

The Microsoft Windows 8 app store has only been on our radar since October 30 but already it has racked up 35,000 different applications.

According to tracking website MetroStore Scanner, the Windows 8 app platform has added 14,57 apps in the past 35 days. The Windows 8 app ecosystem now features 35,167 desktop based applications.

While 35,167 apps are available for Windows 8 only 22,000 are available in the US.

Microsoft’s new platform still lags far behind Google Android’s Play Store or the Apple iOS’ App Store, however it is adding 415 apps per day.

At current growth rates the Windows 8 app store should reach 50,000 programs by February 1.

The app store debuted with 10,000 apps on October 30 but quickly added 3,000 more apps during the first week of release.

While 50,000 apps is nothing to balk at, that number is still far below the 100,000 mark that Microsoft’s sales and marketing vice president originally said the company was aiming for upon release.

Microsoft also predicted that it would sell 400 million Windows 8 devices by July, should sales pick up and that number be met the company’s goals of 100,000 apps could occur sooner rather than later.

The mobile market for devices has continued to cannibalize desktop and traditional notebook sales and ultrabooks with their ultra-high pricing have failed to buoy much of the mobile tech sector. Should tablets and smartphones continue to further erode away at traditional computing we could see Microsoft struggling to reach 100,000 apps.

Do you think Microsoft is doing a good job in promoting the Windows 8 app ecosystem or have mobile developers already done enough damage?