White Supremacist Group 'Alt-Right' Makes Shocking Announcement On Papa John's Pizza

Papa John's pizza has been in the news quite a bit lately due to founder John Schnatter blaming the decline in sales on the NFL protests, namely those with players kneeling during the national anthem. Since Schnatter made the claim, Papa John's has come under fire from the left, especially on social media. But now, John Schnatter has what appears to be a new ally that may or may not be welcomed by the Papa John's founder, which is the white supremacist group known as the "alt-right."

An announcement by the "alt-right" white supremacist website The Daily Stormer has come out and officially stated that Papa John's pizza might just be the official pizza of the alt-right, although they added a question mark at the end of their statement to obviously leave room for interpretation. It also appears to be a rally call for other alt-right white supremacist groups to follow suit and make the same claim.

In their report, the story writer, Adrian Sol, continuously made racially offensive remarks about African Americans and Jewish people, remarks that will not be repeated in this article if for nothing else, common decency. The alt-right writer also referred to the protests as something of a rallying call for the NFL and other organizations to crack down on protests by popular African American people who use their status and stage as a bully pulpit, or in this case, a "peaceful message pulpit."

It should come as no surprise to most people that The Daily Stormer has made John Schnatter's Papa John's the official pizza of their controversial organization. The website has been a bit of beacon for white supremacists all around the country to come out of the shadows and make a case for their major rallying points. That includes preserving white European heritage and fundamentally white superiority over people of color and immigrants (or perceived immigrants).

As with many white supremacists and alt-right groups, The Daily Stormer also had a major influence and presence at the Charlottesville rally that ended in bloodshed. But it appears they are setting their targets on the NFL by making Papa John's their official pizza following the remarks made by John Schnatter at a shareholders meeting blaming the kneeling protests as a reason for their sharp decline in pizza sales.

[Featured Image by Rob Kim/Getty Images]