‘NCIS’ Season 15 Episode 7 Spoilers: Agency Accused of Frame Up In Reopened Case

Fans can expect a tension-filled installment in the coming Episode 6 of NCIS Season 15. Titled “Burden of Proof,” it will pit Mark Harmon’s Gibbs against Joe Spano’s FBI Agent T.C. Fornell when a convicted felon accuses the agency of framing him up when a ten-year-old case is reopened.

The synopsis reveals that Gibbs will spearhead a new investigation when an old case is reopened. Apparently, the convicted felon will insist that it was the NCIS that framed him up for a murder that he did not commit ten years ago, a case that was jointly handled by the FBI.

The upcoming episode of NCIS Season 15 will likewise see the return of FBI Agent T.C. Fornell. Played by Joe Spano, Fornell will likewise be dragged into the mess as he was the FBI’s lead investigator a decade ago.

As the team is pressured to produce stronger evidence to prove that the criminal is indeed guilty of the crime, tension mounts between Gibbs and Agent Fornell. In fact, the NCISSeason 15 Episode 7 preview, which can be viewed below, seems to suggest that Fornell might have covered up some evidence when the case was being investigated ten years ago. In fact, forensic psychologist Jack Sloane can be seen expressing the possibility that they might have sentenced an innocent man ten years ago.

Speaking of Jack Sloan, some of the NCIS team members is still a bit wary about the newcomer. Of course, it did not help when they uncovered some details of her unsettling past – she was formerly with the Army in charge of psychological operations.

However, the team is now slowly warming up to their new their new forensic psychologist. In the recent NCIS Season 17 episode 6 titled “Trapped,” Jack was able to prove to the team how good she is at profiling, helping with various members which resulted in a speedy resolution of the case.

NCIS Season 15 episodes air on CBS on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. Stay tuned for updates.

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]