Terry Glover Dies: ‘Ebony’ Magazine Mourns Loss Of Managing Editor

Terry Glover, the managing editor of Ebony Magazine, passed away on December 24 at the age of 57.

The magazine announced Glover’s passing on their website on Monday, adding that she was an integral member of their staff who had irreplaceable talent.

The Huffington Post reports that Amy DuBois Barnet, the magazine’s editor-in-chief, stated:

“Terry was the heart and soul of the EBONY team. She was one of the best editors I’ve ever worked with, and had a lovely kind demeanor and a fabulous sense of humor. The EBONY team will feel her absence every single day.”

Terry, a resident of Chicago, died in her home on Christmas Eve after a two year battle with colon cancer. Along with her work at Ebony magazine, Terry Glover also served as the managing editor of Savoy magazine, as well as Chicago editor for Uptown.

She became the editor for Ebony’s website in 2006 before she was named the magazine’s managing editor in 2009. The Chicago Tribune notes that her husband, Kendall Glover, recalled how they met, saying:

“We had the same level of understanding not only locally but on a world level. She was bubbly and fresh. We united and built a family.”

Barnett added that Ebony will print a memorial for Glover in their upcoming issue. She added:

“Terry is completely irreplaceable. We will find someone to fill in her editorial functions, but in terms of the glue she was for our team, that’s not replaceable. We really feel her absence every single day. All of us at Ebony loved her.”

Terry Glover is survived by her husband and two daughters, Parri Finister and Maya Glover. A celebration of life service will take place for her in early January.