‘Too Close To Home’ Canceled By TLC

Too Close to Home has been in limbo for what has seemed like forever. The TLC scripted show was something different for the network. The actors cast in the roles weren’t well-known, but they drew a dynamic viewership turn out for the freshman season. The show came from Tyler Perry, and the expectations were high. While some fans absolutely loved the storylines and the show, the public reviews were mediocre at best.

The fictional town of Happy, Alabama, is going to be deserted once again. According to Radio TV Talk, Too Close to Home has been canceled. It was exclusively confirmed to the publication, and the news is slowly making waves on social media. Unfortunately, Too Close to Home fans had a feeling it was coming. The actors were working on other projects, and they had no information about an upcoming season when the finale was months ago. Season 2 ratings saw a decline in viewership, but there was still a lot of social media hype about the show. In fact, on Wednesday nights, the cast would tweet with fans as it aired.

Some of the actors brought their following to Too Close to Home. Kelly Sullivan brought on soap fans from her time on The Young and the Restless and General Hospital. Others also brought fans with them including Robert Craighead and Brock O’Hurn. There was plenty of potential for Season 3, especially with the outcry of fans asking for more. TLC wasn’t the ideal network for something like this, especially since they specialize in weird reality television. Too Close to Home had all the makings of a prime-time soap and on another network, it may have survived for another round of redneck crazy.

Fans are making their way to social media to mourn the loss of one of their favorite shows. After two seasons, there was a level of investment. Too Close to Home wasn’t the typical TLC show, and that is what made it stand out to viewers. The three sisters were so different, but had fallen victim to the same circumstances and that was the main attraction, but they also tackled real-life issues, like substance abuse and dementia. Unfortunately, the Season 2 finale was the last thing fans have to hang on to from Too Close to Home.

As of now, it looks like Tyler Perry isn’t going to be shopping Too Close to Home around. TLC decided to cancel it and now, the lights in Happy, Alabama, will be forever dark.

[Featured Image by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images]