New Crown Store Items Coming To ‘The Elder Scrolls Online,’ As 15 Selections Are Retired

New costumes, mounts, and pets are coming to the Crown Store in The Elder Scrolls Online. During the month of November, players will have a chance to pick up three new costumes, two new mounts, and three new pets. Most of the new items will only be available for a limited time, but others will be available in the store for a longer duration.

The Solitude Stevedore’s Jerkin and the Nordic Knot Doublet and Breeches outfits will be available in the Crown Store for some time, for instance. The Solitude Stevedore’s Jerkin is available right now for 500 Crowns on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The Nordic Knot Doublet and Breeches outfit will be available on November 16. Neither of these outfits have a set removal date at this time. The upcoming Telvanni Master Wizard outfit, however, will only be available from November 9 until November 13, according to the game’s website.

Two new mounts are coming to The Elder Scrolls Online Crown Store for a limited time as well. The Witch Knight Charger is accessible now until November 6. This particular steed will cost players 2,500 Crowns if they wish to add it to their collection of mounts. On November 30, the new Skyfire Guar will be obtainable from the Crown Store. This mount is also a temporary addition to the Crown Store with a retirement date on December 6.

The Elder Scrolls Online skeletal pets
The mounts to match these pets are found in Reaper's Harvest Crown Crates [Image by Bethesda]

Three skeletal pets will be available throughout the month, too. Each pet will only be offered for four days after it is introduced. On November 6, the Skeletal Pony Guar will be in the Crown Store. On November 13, players will be able to adopt the Skeletal Pack Wolf. Finally, on November 20, the Skeletal Senche-Leopard will be purchasable in The Elder Scrolls Online.

A new beard, face tattoo, and a haircut will also be added to the store this month. These new options are found in the Style Parlor section of the Crown Store starting on November 16.

On November 6, a number of items are being retired from the Crown Store in The Elder Scrolls Online. In total, 15 items are being removed from the store making them unobtainable. Items that are removed often return as potential rewards in Crown Crates. Five costumes, the Karthwolf Charger mount, two pets, and five styles are being removed. Additionally, two personalities will no longer be available, including the popular Drunk personality and the inquisitive Scholar personality.

The in-game Crown Store is also the storefront to buy DLC for the MMORPG. The latest DLC, Clockwork City, is out now on PC. As the Inquisitr reported, The Elder Scrolls Online DLC will release on November 7 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

[Featured Image by Bethesda]