Disney Is Requiring An Unprecedented Cut Of ‘The Last Jedi’ Ticket Sales

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is set to premiere in about six weeks, and Disney has an interesting set of terms theaters will have to follow if they want to show the film. The studio wants a higher chunk of ticket sales than ever, which some are deeming outrageous.

The Wall Street Journal reports Disney will be raking in 65 percent of ticket sales for The Last Jedi, up 10 percent from a normal film’s take. The theaters must commit to all the terms laid out by Disney in this revolutionary deal or they could have to forfeit the movie from their auditoriums.

In addition to the increased percentage of sales, Disney is also demanding theaters show The Last Jedi on their biggest screens for at least four weeks. The theater also loses the right to decide on when to pull the film from their auditoriums. Disney will decide when the movie is removed from theaters altogether.

When there are rules, there are consequences. If a theater fails to comply with Disney’s demands, they are allowed to take an extra 5 percent of sales.

The report also claims that Disney will not enforce these new rules unless The Last Jedi grosses over $500 million domestically. This milestone is a given, as the movie is already projected to open at $125 million, according to Box Office Pro. When all’s said and done, it’s expected The Last Jedi will earn $742 million domestically.


The Last Jedi’s predecessor, The Force Awakens, had an astronomical opening at just over $247 million, solidifying itself as the biggest opener of all time. The Force Awakens went on to gross $936 million domestically.

Standalone Star Wars film Rogue One had no issue crossing the $500 million mark either, grossing $532 million domestically.

Forbes notes that Disney had similar demands for The Force Awakens when it premiered in 2015. The take was 64 percent, with best theater demands for just two weeks, as well as the exclusivity clause. This year, however, the rules are more strict.


Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters on December 15.

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[Featured Image by Lucasfilm/Walt Disney Studios]