Panicked Donald Trump ‘Turning On Jared Kushner’ And White House Is ‘Freaking Out,’ Reports Say

It appears a panicked Donald Trump is starting to lose his bearings.

After the significant escalation of the investigation into alleged Trump-Russia ties this week, the president is panicking and exuding an air of anxiety, according to multiple reports floating around in the Washington media. Paul Manafort’s arrest and the subsequent revelation that former campaign team member, George Papadopoulos, has been cooperating with federal prosecutors for months now has sown deep seeds of discontent at the White House; a fact attested by sources close to the president, according to the Washington Post. The real worry for Trump is the aggressiveness of Mueller’s investigation and what the developments suggest regarding where the investigation is headed. Trump worries that Mueller might begin to dig into his personal financial dealings; something that was also playing on his mind when he fired former FBI Director James Comey back in May.

It appears now the panic surrounding Trump has reached such a boiling point that he is starting to “turn on Jared Kushner,” his son-in-law, generally touted as the right-hand man in the Trump administration, reports the Independent. At least two close aides of the president, Stephen Bannon and Roger Stone, have reportedly conveyed to Trump their disapproval of how Kushner had been instrumental in the firings of Michael Flynn and James Comey, and they concluded that Trump would be better of without him. Vanity Fair reported that Trump, in a call he placed to Bannon after the Mueller indictments became public knowledge, railed about Kushner, blaming him for the appointment of Mueller in the first place.


It is a conclusion echoed by former Trump aide, Sam Nunberg.

“Jared is the worst political adviser in the White House in modern history,” he said. “I’m only saying publicly what everyone says behind the scenes at Fox News, in conservative media, and the Senate and Congress.”

“The walls are closing in. Everyone is freaking out,” a Republican close to Trump said about the state of affairs at the White House to the New York Post.

Another report in Vox claimed that Donald Trump’s lawyer, Marc Kasowitz, has insinuated that he is only looking after the interests of the president and not the White House staff. This rumor has allegedly caused a flutter among aides who might now be lured into confessions by Mueller’s team in exchange for immunity; similar to the path George Papadopoulos adopted in choosing to cooperate with the investigation.

Furthermore, indications that Jeff Sessions might have committed perjury when speaking to the Senate about Trump-Russia links are not helping Donald Trump either.

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