The History Of Olivia Munn’s Accusations Against Brett Ratner Goes Back Years

Any suggestion that Olivia Munn is jumping on the bandwagon of sexual harassment and sexual assault accusations against Brett Ratner is absurd as she has been calling out Ratner for years. And Ratner has been changing his story when it comes to his interactions with Olivia Munn, which have spanned over a decade. Back in 2011, Brett Ratner went on The Howard Stern Show and G4’s Attack of the Show to talk about Olivia Munn, and the transcripts of the shows are proof that Ratner is not being honest. When he was originally exposed, Ratner moved to smear Olivia Munn.

And back in the days when Brett Ratner was having interactions with Olivia Munn he allegedly also crossed paths with Melanie Kohler, another woman accusing Brett Ratner of sexual assault. But while Brett Ratner is not speaking out publicly at this time about accusations by Olivia Munn or Natasha Henstridge, he is talking about claims from Melanie Kohler that Ratner raped her over ten years ago. Brett Ratner has now filed a defamation lawsuit against Kohler and states that her story is filled with lies.

Ratner’s lawyer says that they are suing Kohler for damages.

“Ratner is seeking an unspecified amount of general, special and punitive damages, and claims he’s suffered emotional distress, worry, anger and anxiety and his personal and professional reputations have been injured.”

Back in 2011, Brett Ratner went on the G4 Attack of the Show and smeared Olivia Munn. Ratner later admitted that he lied, but the damage was done. On the show, Brett Ratner was partially reacting to Olivia Munn’s memoir in which she tells a story about how Ratner sexually harassed her. On the show, he said that was untrue because he and Munn used to date (Munn says this is a lie).

“I used to date Olivia Munn … when she was Lisa. That was the problem. She wasn’t Asian back then.”

For the record, Olivia Munn was born Lisa Olivia Munn. But Ratner continued and told the listeners of the show that he and Munn had had sex a few times, but he had forgotten about it.

“She was hanging out on my set of After the Sunset, I banged her a few times … but I forgot her. Because she changed her name … I didn’t know it was the same person. So when she came and auditioned for me for a TV show, I forgot her, she got pissed off and she made up all these stories about me eating shrimp and masturbating in my trailer. And my shortcomings. She talked about my shortcomings. I get it. She’s bitter.”


But a few days later Brett Ratner called into The Howard Stern Show to admit that he had lied about his relationship with Olivia Munn because he said he felt horrible.

“I said I banged her [Munn] three times, which wasn’t true.”

But afterward, Brett Ratner’s then-attorney Marty Singer said that his client Brett Ratner and Olivia Munn did have an intimate relationship. Olivia Munn continues to say that this is a lie. But at the time, Ratner seemed to have taken back everything he said about Olivia Munn.

“She’s actually talented. The problem is I made her look like she’s a whore.”

But that past behavior is coming back to haunt Brett Ratner, and his own words about Olivia Munn and his public behavior are being used against him.

But someone out there believes that there is credibility to Olivia Munn and the others’ complaints about Brett Ratner because Warner Brothers Studio had cut ties with Ratner after the story broke. Ratner released a statement saying that he didn’t want the negative press that has come his way to hurt Warner Brothers’ projects.

[Featured Image by Denis Poroy/AP Images]