Jennifer Aniston Pregnancy Rumors: Star Is Not Hiring A Surrogate To Raise Baby Alone

Jennifer Aniston made it perfectly clear in her “For The Record” essay within the Huffington Post a couple summers back that she is fed up with constantly being the target of outlandish pregnancy rumors. The Friends star also made a point of noting that women should be celebrated for more than their relationships and role as mothers or expectant mothers.

It seems as though certain tabloids have not gotten the message, seeing as Aniston has continued to be the subject of pregnancy, surrogacy, and adoption rumors over the past year. The latest rumor has been sparked by the Star, in a story with a headline that reads “Jen To Justin: I’ll Raise Our Baby Alone!” Clearly, Jennifer Aniston did not state these words to her loving hubby, Justin Theroux, yet the tabloid seems set on making it appear that the couple are enduring a rough patch in their marriage.

The publication goes on to insist that Jen is “more determined than ever to become a mom, even if it means she has to raise a child without” Theroux. The tabloid also claimed that Aniston was pregnant with the couple’s first child back in February, which was an obvious additional fabrication.

The Star states that Aniston has sought the assistance of a surrogate to make her supposed dreams of becoming a mother, a reality. The supposed source who has imparted this information, states that Aniston is ready to go ahead and hire a surrogate in utmost secrecy. If it was intended to be done so in utmost secrecy, how has it now become a tabloid story?

Additionally, the story is a bit confusing seeing as in one portion, the source claims that Aniston is “hoping” to seek the assistance of a surrogate, and then in a latter portion, shifts to implying that Jen has already made plans with a specific surrogate.

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Despite the rumors, Jennifer Aniston is not “making plans for single motherhood,” and her marriage is not “on the rocks” as Gossip Cop has determined quite simply by conferring with a reliable source close to the star.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are happily married and the topic of motherhood and parenthood is not driving the two apart.

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