‘Teen Mom OG’: Farrah Abraham Now Claims She Quit The Show

Teen Mom OG fans were surprised this week when Farrah Abraham revealed that she had been fired from the MTV reality show. However, days later Abraham is now claiming that she hasn’t been fired, but that she quit the show due to poor treatment.

According to Radar Online, Farrah Abraham revealed on social media at the beginning of the week that she had been fired from Teen Mom OG due to her involvement in the adult entertainment industry. Farrah claimed that she had been “sex shamed” for doing live webcam shows and slammed the company for their unfair treatment.

However, Farrah Abraham is now singing a different tune. The Teen Mom OG star now says that Viacom, who owns MTV, confirmed to her that she has “not been fired” and that she did not breach her contract. However, that doesn’t mean that Abraham will return to the reality series.

Farrah took to social media to blast the show’s producers and the network. Abraham called out Teen Mom creator, Morgan J. Freeman as “unprofessional,” “fake,” and a woman hater. Farrah also said that producers Larry Musnik and Kirsten Malone “take advantage” of the cast members and that it has become a “toxic, unsafe working culture” for herself and her family.


Farrah Abraham went on to say that the unsafe working conditions are one of the reasons why she doesn’t “share a stage” with her co-stars, has her own security, and has gone to therapy in the past. The Teen Mom OG star also added that she, her daughter Sophia, and her parents have all “suffered” due to the “hate crime” that the production has committed against her.

Meanwhile, MTV reportedly doesn’t want Farrah Abraham on the show anymore. One insider revealed that the network believes Farrah’s adult entertainment career is a bad image for Teen Mom OG and that “no one wants her” at any events, adding that she just recently booked an appearance at a strip club.

It looks like the war between Farrah Abraham and MTV may continue for quite a while, and it still remains to be seen if she’ll continue to be apart of Teen Mom OG in the future.

[Featured Image by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images]