Save Bubba, the transgendered cat

Millions of animals are abandoned in America each year, and sadly many of them never find new homes. Chicago cat Bubba was one of the lucky ones, but time on the streets can be traumatic.

Bubba has trust issues. Although he bonded with his new owners, after a leg amputation and being put on a special diet due to food allergies, but he doesn’t trust strangers, hiding or hissing at anyone who came along.

Bubba’s new owners turned to an animal behaviorist, who recommended training and behavioral techniques, but to no avail. Desperate, Bubba’s owners looked for help, and they turned to a pet psychic, and this was the result

Through speaking to Bubba telepathically, the psychic determined that Bubba is so shy because HE is really a SHE. Bubba is transgendered. Bubba suffers from low self-image and has been mentally distraught because she has been forced to live in a male cat body for so long.

Now Bubba’s owners need your help and are looking for donations to raise money to enable Bubba to continue his therapy sessions with the pet psychic, and to raise funds for Bubba’s upcoming gender reassignment surgery.

If you feel inclined to give, the page with all the details, including donation button is here :-)