HBCU Professor Terminated After Officials Discover His Alleged Gay Sex Videos With Students

Former Alabama A&M University professor Dr. Edward Jones was fired after three different videos were allegedly found on a school-owned computer showing him having sexual relations with students on campus, NY Daily News reports. Jones, a 20-year professor, was immediately terminated, and has denied all allegations in a 30-page lawsuit he filed on February 25 accusing the university of libel, breach of contract, and violations of his constitutional rights.

According to reports, the three videos from 2011 and 2012 allegedly showed the former tenured professor engaging in oral sex with two different male students on the school's Huntsville-area campus. Provost Daniel Wims wrote in Jones' March 10 termination letter that university officials warned that he would be fired once discovery of his sex flicks were made.

"There is convincing evidence that you have engaged in sexual conduct below minimum standards of professional integrity and misused university computing/electronic assets in gross violation of well-established university policy," Wims said.

Jones, 51, has worked with the university for two decades, most recently serving as director of the Office of Teacher Education and Certification. He was arrested by campus police on March 10 on "charges of property theft of items worth over $2,500," according to Madison County inmate records. Edward's lawsuit accuses the university of firing him because he identified "serious deficiencies" within the department.

"Dr. Jones' reputation is damaged as AAMU has alleged and engaged in a campaign to falsely accuse Dr. Jones of committing theft, of professional incompetence and engaging in immoral conduct," the lawsuit said. "AAMU caused a theft warrant to be executed against Dr. Jones and proposed to terminate him based on allegedly immoral conduct."

He also alleges the search warrants came right after he told administrators in January he planned to appeal his firing. His lawsuit cites "years of harassment when Jones attempted to bring to light administrative issues and concerns," WHNT News 19 reports.

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The university "is fully committed to defending its decision to terminate this professor," Alabama A&M spokesman Jerome Saintjones said in a statement. "The inappropriate conduct exhibited by this former faculty member will not be tolerated on this campus."

Below is AAMU's full comment on the termination and Jones' allegations against the university:

"The University has been served with a complaint, a motion for a temporary restraining order and a preliminary injunction by a former faculty member. With respect to the complaint, the university denies all allegations contained in the complaint and will file its formal response with the court. Yesterday, the university filed its response to the motion for temporary restraining order related to the termination of this professor for gross professional misconduct. As is plainly evident by the University's filings, the University is fully committed to defending its decision to terminate this professor. The supporting evidence of the professor's misconduct, which occurred on campus, is clearly identified in the University's response and the recent discovery of this evidence left the University with no alternative. The inappropriate conduct exhibited by this former faculty member will not be tolerated on this campus. The University is committed to providing an educational environment that is conducive to learning for our faculty, staff and students. In that vein, the University will take whatever steps are necessary to protect the integrity and interests of the institution. The University's investigation of this professor's misconduct remains on-going at this time and the University intends to see this pending litigation through to its completion."
Alabama A&M claims they terminated Dr. Edward Jones solely based on "inappropriate behavior" with students, a direct violation of university policy.

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