Twitter Is Using A Vulgar, Misogynistic Message To Chrissy Teigen On Its Homepage

If Twitter is going for a kinder, gentler environment, where trolls are curbed, they might want to start at least previewing their homepage and landing pages. A Twitter user with a keen eye caught someone sending vulgar, misogynistic messages to Chrissy Teigen, and Twitter used the interaction for its advertising. Twitter user (and former Google and Uber employee) Chris Messina alerted Twitter, and so did Chrissy Teigen’s representatives, but it continued to stay up.

For some people, Chrissy Teigen can’t seem to do anything right. Teigen, who is married to singer John Legend, is a regular on social media, sharing pics of her adorable daughter Luna, and her own photo shoots on Twitter and Instagram, has her share of trolls. Teigen has been criticized for using IVF to get pregnant and also for choosing the gender of her baby. After baby Luna was born, Chrissy Teigen was called out for going out to dinner without her baby.

But in most cases, Chrissy Teigen is well armed to take care of these trolls, dismissing them one at a time. When Teigen posted a picture of Luna with pink cheeks on Twitter, she got a barrage of tweets that ranged from helpful hints to suggestions that she was dropping the parenting ball.

“Yes she has rosy eczema cheeks, yes we are taking care of it. ‘No it’s not a gluten allergy, no it’s not our makeup, no it’s not from our perfume, yes she’s just a baby.”


But the tweet screenshot that Twitter used of a troll named @Amir_Hali for its logged out homepage showed the worst in misogynistic messages that Chrissy Teigen gets. The man, who is now covering his face with a Guy Fawkes mask, is still on Twitter at this time. In addition to calling Teigen a “whore,” Amir Hali also shares his thoughts in his profile description about Zionists “Double f*ck you to Zionists!”

After Hali called Teigen a “whore,” he suggested how she could better herself and ironically how she could avoid hate.

“I think the best revenge you can get is better yourself, and never waster your energy on hating anyone, forgive, and forget. Life is long.”

Chrissy Teigen responded to Hali and said she hoped his vulgar post would come up when people search for him.

“I hope this is the first thing that comes up when anyone googles you, Amir Hali.”

This Twitter gaffe, putting such a negative interaction on a homepage, comes at a time when Twitter is under fire for abuse on its social media platform. Twitter insists it is trying to curtail abusive and hate-based language, but with mixed results. Twitter has made some high profile bans in the last few weeks, including Rose McGowan (McGowan was allowed to return to Twitter) and Trump advisor Roger Stone, who is reportedly banned for good (he is threatening legal action).


Abusive and threatening language and the seeming inability to take control it is said to be the reason that both Disney and called off attempts to buy Twitter, which has Jack Dorsey currently at the helm. Chris Messina pointed out the latest mistake to Twitter and the world.

“Wow. Twitter’s logged out homepage isn’t doing it any favors when it comes to promoting a welcoming environment.”

Exactly one year ago, Twitter put out a blog post called “Progress On Addressing Online Abuse” that explained that online bullying had increased all over the internet and that those kinds of behaviors “inhibit people from participating on Twitter. They hoped that by expanding the mute feature, people could opt to tune out trolls.


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The Twitter blog also spoke of its hateful conduct policy and said it prohibits hate aimed at groups.

“Our hateful conduct policy prohibits specific conduct that targets people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or disease.”

Do you think Twitter owes Chrissy Teigen an apology? Do you think that the person trolling should be removed from Twitter if their hateful conduct policy is applied?

[Featured Image by Dennis Van Tine/AP Images]