New Poll: Almost Sixty Percent Of Americans Say We Have Reached The Worst Point In US History Under Trump

According to a new poll carried out by the American Psychological Association (APA), a remarkable 59 percent of Americans believe that we have reached the lowest point in America's history under President Donald Trump.

The poll, with a large participation of 3,440 adult U.S. residents belonging to a diverse demographic and different racial groups, points towards a rapid disintegration of the belief that Americans generally place on the country's national institutions and the government. While the main purpose of the poll was to discover the stress levels plaguing the American population, the results were astounding insofar as they revealed the reasons for that stress. According to the poll, almost two-thirds of the American populace (63 percent) considers the future of the nation to be a very or somewhat significant source of stress. The future of the nation trumped the traditional sources of stress, such as money and work, and pointed towards a nation struggling to comprehend the present state of affairs under the leadership of President Trump.

Even more interestingly, this result did not stray dramatically over partisan lines, with 56 percent of Republicans also admitting that they felt deep stress concerning the nation's future, while the number for Democrats and independents was 73 percent and 59 percent respectively. It was a fact emphasized by Arthur C. Evans Jr., APA's chief executive officer.

"We're seeing significant stress transcending party lines. The uncertainty and unpredictability tied to the future of our nation is affecting the health and well-being of many Americans in a way that feels unique to this period in recent history."
When questioned on what aspect of the nation's future caused them the most stress, Americans pointed to healthcare as being the most important reason (43 percent), followed by the economy (35 percent), trust in government (32 percent), hate crimes (31 percent) and crime (31 percent), wars/conflicts with other countries (30 percent), and terrorist attacks in the United States (30 percent).

Another 59 percent of Americans also said in the new poll that the current social divisiveness in the country, which has flared up significantly since Donald Trump became a political player in Washington, causes them significant stress, reports the Hill.

The poll also pointed towards an amplification of stress due to the pervasive 24-hour network of electronic and social media, something Americans in earlier generations did not have to face in such a vicious manner.

"With 24-hour news networks and conversations with friends, family and other connections on social media, it's hard to avoid the constant stream of stress around issues of national concern," Evans said.

[Featured Image by Spencer Platt/Getty Images]