North Korea: U.S. And Russian Bombers Send A Stark Message Ahead Of President Trump’s Visit

With tensions on the Korean peninsula at an all-time high, U.S. and Russian bombers have sent a warning to the North Korean regime, just days before President Donald Trump is set to visit the region. President Trump leaves for a 12-day visit to Asia this weekend, and as previously reported by the Inquisitr, he will visit South Korea, Japan, China, Vietnam, and the Philippines. It has been claimed that North Korea may conduct another test of its intercontinental missile systems whilst Trump is in the region, an action sure to escalate tensions to new heights.

The world community seems determined to ensure that North Korea does not become a nuclear power, and the Sun claims that both the U.S. and Russia have sent another clear warning to Kim Jong-un’s reclusive regime. Over the weekend both nations flew bombers, capable of delivering a nuclear strike, near North Korea.

President Trump has deployed a third aircraft carrier battle group to the region, with the USS Nimitz joining the USS Ronald Reagan and USS Theodore Roosevelt in the region. President Trump also sent a nuclear-capable B-2 stealth bomber from Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri on a long-range mission to the Pacific last weekend.

In a show of military cooperation between Russia and the U.S., the Russian Defence Ministry said that it had sent two Tupolev-95MS strategic bombers on a mission in the region. The Russian bombers were escorted by both U.S. and Japanese fighters.

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[Image by Z.A. Landers/U.S. Navy/AP Images]

As might be anticipated, North Korea was not happy with these latest developments. According to the Daily Express, the North Korean state media renewed its verbal assault on Donald Trump, calling him “a nuclear war maniac.” The North Korean state newspaper, KCNA, called President Trump “the master of invective” and said it was reacting to Trump’s “bellicose and irresponsible rhetoric.”

It seems that the North Korean’s are not the only people concerned about President Trump’s policy towards the hermit nation. As reported by The Heavy, Senator Chris Murphy has called Trump’s foreign policy “incomprehensible,” and introduced a bill to stop Trump launching a military strike on North Korea without the approval of Congress.

“This is a really important moment where Congress has abdicated much of its responsibility on foreign policy to the president.”

“My worry is that the president feels he has a blank check to take action in North Korea without the consent of Congress. I don’t believe Congress gives him that ability.”

Murphy also took to social media to complain that “taunting and mocking” forms part of Trump’s “official policy on North Korea.”


Murphy is clearly worried that Trump could overreact to provocation by North Korea and take action that could cost the lives of “hundreds of thousands on the Korean Peninsula.”

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