Obama Opens Summit By Poking Fun At Trump’s Birtherism Claim And The Internet Is Giving It A Big LOL

For some, Donald Trump’s birtherism claim was no laughing matter in the past, but Barack Obama is apparently getting the last laugh, according to a new report.

Former President Barack Obama hosted the first day of the Obama Foundation Summit on Tuesday. The event spans over two days.

And, as he often did in the past to break the ice with large crowds, Obama turned to humor — at President Donald Trump’s expense. One source called Trump’s birther hunt “abhorrent foolishness” while social media has dissolved into laughter over the summit quip.

During Barack Obama’s first term in office, Donald Trump embarked on a crusade to invalidate Obama’s presidency by suggesting he was born in Kenya, not Hawaii as the Chicago native claimed publicly on several occasions. Conservatives and birthers before the real estate mogul raised the same suspicions, but Trump soon became the de facto challenger to Obama’s claim of being born on U.S. soil; the Constitution requires that a person running for POTUS must be born in America.

Even when then-President Obama produced his long-form birth certificate — which should have ended Trump’s birther quest to discredit his presidency — the New York tycoon continued to spew conspiracy theories, as Verified Politics reports.


Oct. 24 marked a pivotal moment in Trump’s professional career and foray into American politics. As Huffington Post wrote, it marked five years since Donald Trump — via video — offered $5 million to Obama if he could produce records of college enrollment at Columbia and Harvard. With his birther movement fading and largely discredited, Trump redirected his attacks on Obama’s credibility.

“It wasn’t surprising to see Trump revive birther claims despite evidence that he was wrong. And with three month’s before the presidential election, one Trump hoped Obama would lose, Trump reached for a classic tactic of his: Shock and distract.”


On a lighter note, Prince Harry attended Obama’s summit. The pair had become close friends and Harry didn’t miss a chance to support the Obama Foundation Summit, according to the Daily Mail.


Prince William’s brother was seen among other summit attendees sitting just one row back from the former first family. He later shared the stage with Ariel Investments president Mellody Hobson. The British royal is rumored to be engaged to actress and commoner Meghan Markle. He first met the Obamas during the Invictus Games that were held in Orlando, Florida, years ago.

Michelle Obama also joined Harry at this year’s event held in Toronto. Other than the mystique and privilege that goes along with befriending a U.S. president and first lady, Prince Harry shares a lot in common with the Obamas. He admires Barack and Michelle for their drive to push young people to use their voices to foster meaningful change in the world. He also lauds them for inspiring dreamers to become future leaders.

In light of Donald Trump’s tumultuous week with indictments handed down to three of his former campaign and administration aides, does Barack Obama’s birtherism joke at his summit lighten the air for the time being?

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