WWE Rumors: More WWE Superstars Headed To ‘205 Live’ From Main Roster Or NXT

The latest WWE rumors suggest that just like Enzo Amore and Kalisto, there could be more superstars heading to the 205 Live roster soon. The two competitors were members of the WWE Raw or NXT rosters for months before being switched over to the different division which competes solely for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. The moves occurred after WWE had two major superstars leave the roster after their WrestleMania title match. Now, it appears that some more new names will be called to that roster, whether it means a “call up” or simply a move to the Tuesday night show.

On Tuesday, the PW Insider website first reported the news of 205 Live adding some more talent on its roster. In particular, WWE is now looking to add more “international additions” to the roster. One of the big names being mentioned is Rockstar Spud, who was just released by Impact Wrestling, the WWE’s biggest competitor. Another star being mentioned is Hideo Itami, who currently appears on the NXT program. Rumors indicate that Itami could be moving up in the coming weeks. As far as Rockstar Spud goes, that’s probably undetermined as he was just released recently by another wrestling company.

The WWE is looking to add more superstars to the 205 Live roster, possibly in the coming weeks. [Image by WWE]

It was also speculated by Sportskeeda‘s Daniel Wood that NXT could provide other good additions to the 205 Live roster. They include Oney Lorcan, Johnny Gargano, and Lio Rush. Fans who didn’t know of Rush previously have heard a lot about him in the past several days after he posted a controversial joke tweet about Emma just after she was released by the WWE. Rush has since apologized for the error of his ways, but one would think that based on the heat he drew from it, WWE could push back his move to a new roster for a bit.

Two of the division’s biggest stars both left the company after participating in a Cruiserweight title match at WWE’s WrestleMania 33 pre-show. Austin Aries was the first to leave and seemed to do so amicably. Months later, Neville, who had been carrying the division for a good bit of time now, walked out on the company in search of a better opportunity for himself. Neville had been booked to lose the Cruiserweight title to Enzo after a kick to the groin. Not long after that PPV loss, Neville walked out on an episode of Raw ahead of a main event match that was rumored to involve him going after Enzo for the title.

Kalisto and Enzo Amore both joined the Cruiserweight division over the past several months and have held the title. [Image by WWE]

As fans also saw over the past several months, Enzo Amore and Kalisto were among the first main roster stars to get placed on the 205 Live roster. Both of these superstars have won the WWE Cruiserweight title quickly after being put onto the roster, but WWE still seems to be having trouble getting fans to buy into the 205 Live hype. By adding more recognizable stars, they just might be on their way to getting this division the spotlight it deserves.

WWE fans, which NXT competitors or main roster competitors do you think WWE should add to 205 Live to improve the roster?

[Featured Image by WWE]