Janice Dickinson Hates Tyra Banks

… Or at least reserves the same degree of disdain that she reserves for the rest of her enemies! According to the New York Post’s most recent scoop, Janice saw a pic of Tyra Banks on her way to speak with young girls about self-esteem and other issues– with her book No Lifeguard on Duty about incest, drugs, and other wholesome things. I’m not familiar with the book myself, but I’m assuming it gives advice, too?

Dickinson fumed to the press that “[S]he’s using my book. I mean, the thing looks so worn it’s like she’s been reading it on the toilet. It’s pathetic. Where’s her originality? Does she have no shame?”

And then Janice invited Tyra to throw down on her soon-to-be-negotiated NBC talk show. I’m hoping that Ty takes her up on it: b*tch could take her.