Man Burns Hole In Stomach After Eating Spicy Chinese Soup

Wuhan, China – A 26-year-old man reportedly burned a hole in the wall of his stomach after eating a spicy Chinese soup.

Doctors said the young man never had any gastrointestinal disorders prior to the incident involving the extremely spicy dish. According to Rocket News 24, the unidentified individual consumed what is known as “mala soup,” a type of Chinese hot pop known for its mouth-numbing properties.

Although the soup is popular for its extreme spiciness, there’s never been a reported case of the dish burning a hole through the wall of someone’s stomach.

Medical Daily explains that the man ordered the spiciest version of mala soup the restaurant had to offer. It wasn’t long after he’d finished the dish that the stomach pains set in. Reports also indicate the young man vomited blood during the ordeal.

After looking over the man’s medical history, doctors determined it was likely the soup that burned a hole in his stomach. As strange as it may sound, hospital staff explained that hot pots account for nearly 15 percent of all stomach-related problems at the hospital.

According to the Daily Mail, mala soup generally consists of “Sichuan pepper, a local spice, and chili pepper.” Although most restaurants attempt to keep the ingredients as natural as possible, some have taken to using synthetic spices to give the dish its trademark spiciness.

Most eateries that offer the Chinese hot pot allow customers to choose the level of spiciness they desire. Those who are considering giving the dish a try should proceed with extreme caution.

According to Delish, each pepper in the mala soup adds something special to the dish. While the Sichuan pepper is there to provide the feeling of numbness, the chili pepper’s job is to burn all the way down.

Would you be willing to try a soup that could possibly burn a hole in your stomach?