Florida Woman Described As Fat By Valet

A Florida woman was mortified after realizing the valet attendant had identified her on the ticket as “play,” “red dress,” and, the coup de grâce, “FAT.” Ouch. Even the most confident Rubenesque beauties don’t want to read, gleam, or infer the mere suggestion that fat is negative. But in a society that can be guilty, nay near obsessed with slender superficiality from time to time, it’s a blow to the ego to see it so casually scrawled.

Earlier in the month, Sharyn Peoples, donned in a red dress, was at Mizner Park in Boca Raton, Florida to act in a play and used the valet service to park her vehicle. That’s when she received the offending ticket.

When she attempted to address the etiquette of the valet attendant, the LAZ Parking of Florida shrugged it off as a juvenile indiscretion. As though being young simply excused away outright inappropriate behavior. At the very least this incident would have fallen into the “use common sense” category.

Recounting the phone conversation in her words, according to NBC Miami:

“It’s only words and it’s from some kid. That’s one of the things the guy said to me on the phone. He said, ‘You know, we employ 18- and 20-year-old kids.’ I said, ‘Sir, they’re legally adults.”

Peoples later received an apologetic email assuring her it would not happen again. In an attempt to compensate her, the LAZ Parking of Florida representative offered her free parking for the next year, a gift card to the Mizner Park mall, and guaranteed the employee would be penalized for his tactless action.

The Daily Mail shares Peoples’ message with the employee who wrote the insult on her valet ticket:

“I feel bad for you that your parents. Obviously didn’t raise you well enough, and I hope you understand this is not at all acceptable.”

Photo credit NBC Miami News