Shots Fired, One Dead As University of Utah Campus Locked Down

The Salt Lake Police Department has confirmed they are assisting University of Utah Police with reports of a shooting on campus at approximately 9 P.M. local time. One individual has been confirmed dead from the campus shooting and the suspect has not been apprehended. Witnesses also report three additional injuries. A white male suspect, Austin Boutain, is being pursued and is described as wearing a black beanie with a cross and teardrop tattoo on his face. The suspect is considered to be armed and dangerous. Initial reports suggested a forest green Chevrolet might be involved. Police are investigating multiple reports of suspects fitting the description across the University of Utah campus.

A scope lever action rifle, tarp, and blanket were found on the side of road just north of where a suspect vehicle was found. There is a wooded area near where these items were discovered on the University of Utah campus. This area is now believed to be where the shooter camped. One vehicle belonging to the victim has been declared a crime scene.

At 10:48 P.M. local time, multiple shots were reported in a dormitory building in addition to the building fire alarm activating. These reported dormitory shooting was heard by law enforcement officers in the area but were investigated and later cleared. At this time all media has been staged at the Huntsman Center.

An armored vehicle and helicopter are searching the area while other units are in containment mode around the University of Utah. FBI officers have taken a male who was hiding in the bushes and sensed via helicopter into custody. While he is being questioned, the authorities are still focusing on suspect Austin Boutain. He was monitored sitting on a curb then moving into bushes. The male suspect was sitting less than 25 meters from a patrol car. Initial reports showed suspicion the suspect had 3 ammo cans with him, but this has not been confirmed.

There are also several other groups being monitored in the area and officials are taking all precautions to move bystanders to areas where they will be safe until the danger is no longer imminent. Armored vehicles are in the area to assist with crowd control.

Salt Lake City Shooting Skyline
[Image by Rick Bowmer/AP Images]

Transportation in the area has been suspended beyond stadium station by TRAX public transportation. Buses will not service the campus for the remainder of the evening. There are numerous police and other government officials in the area and members of the public have been asked to avoid the campus and surrounding area until the situation is resolved.

[Featured Image by Gene Sweeney Jr/Getty Images]