Is Jana Duggar Courting A Mystery Man? Family Friend Gives Inside Scoop

Jana Duggar's love life, or lack thereof, has been a huge topic of conversation amongst Duggar fans. For most young women, being single at 27 is hardly a big deal, but for the Duggar family where children marry off incredibly young and have babies immediately, it makes Jana somewhat of a pariah in her close-knit Christian community.

Because of her perennial single status, Jana Duggar is constantly rumored to be courting (the Duggar term for dating) various different men. Some have suspected that the eldest Duggar daughter might actually be a lesbian, which would be a huge shock to many of the more conservative fans of Counting On.

One popular fan theory is that Jana Duggar is courting someone behind the scenes and is waiting to reveal it to the public. However, a family friend recently extinguished those rumors, saying that the Duggar family announces courtships as soon as they happen.

The official 19 Kids and Counting subreddit posted an AMA (or "Ask Me Anything") featuring an unverified anonymous user who claims to be close with the Duggar family. Fans of the show were encouraged to ask as many questions about the mega family, as the user claims they have known them since the they were little.

Of course, one user asked if Jana Duggar was seeing anyone secretly and had declined to announce it to the public. The anonymous tipster stated that the Duggar family almost always announces courtships and engagements in real time, therefore, it is unlikely that Jana is seeing anyone at the moment.

The eldest Duggar daughter has expressed some dismay at being the only older girl to not be married and still living at home. She expressed in an interview that she sometimes felt left out because she's not part of "that group," meaning the family members that are married.

Jana Duggar is often called "Cinderella" by fans and critics of the show, as they say that she is constantly looking after the children and cleaning the Duggar's massive house. According to some, more of the parenting responsibilities fall on Jana than on her mother, Michelle.

The reality TV star will continue to live in the Duggar household until she finds her Prince Charming. Jana has already stated that she likes a man who gets his hands dirty.

[Featured Image by The Duggar Family/Instagram]