WWE Rumors: Another Major WWE Superstar Might Be Teasing Release With Cryptic Tweet

Yesterday, the WWE parted ways with three performers on the Monday Night Raw brand – Emma, Darren Young, and Summer Rae. And while it might be another case of the man having some fun with his followers on social media, WWE rumors now suggest that Rusev might be hinting at his impending release from the company.

As noted by Cageside Seats in a report on Sunday, Rusev fired off what appeared to be an angry tweet shortly after WWE announced that it had released three of its wrestlers in what many fans had seen as a surprising move. Keeping things short and to the point, here's what the "Bulgarian Brute" apparently had to say in reaction to the wave of releases.

"If I go.... I go!"
While the above tweet is not an outright sign that Rusev's WWE release may be coming soon, it's often been noted that his career hasn't quite recovered from the time he lost the United States Championship to John Cena at WrestleMania 31. Originally booked as an unstoppable force with unusual quickness and technical ability for a big man, Rusev was featured in Bleacher Report's long-running "Pushed to Punished" series last month. The article saw writer Graham Matthews detail how the 32-year-old SmackDown Live wrestler went from one of the WWE's brightest young stars to someone who is routinely used to make other wrestlers, including established main event performers such as Randy Orton, look good in the ring by taking the loss.

"In theory, moving to SmackDown should have been the catalyst for Rusev's resurgence, but he has been positioned as an afterthought on the blue brand so far," Matthews observed.

As of this writing, Rusev has just wrapped up his feud with Orton, with both men having traded wins on SmackDown Live since their match at SummerSlam, which Orton won in just nine seconds. Rusev was also part of a large group of SmackDown wrestlers who invaded the Monday Night Raw set last week, as part of the buildup to the brand vs. brand matches that will take place next month at the Survivor Series pay-per-view.

Rusev's last prominent feud was with Randy Orton, who beat him in nine seconds at WWE's 'SummerSlam' pay-per-view in August. [Image by WWE]

Regarding the new rumors of Rusev's WWE release, the new Cageside Seats report comes two months after several wrestling sites had taken Rusev's Twitter activity as a sign he may be leaving the company soon. But as Pop Culture noted, the previous rumors were ultimately debunked, as it was highly possible that Rusev was merely trolling fans and followers about leaving the WWE when he might have had no such plans in mind. The publication, however, warned that this may have been Rusev's way of venting out his dissatisfaction with his standing in the WWE locker room, as it came right after the aforementioned nine-second loss to Randy Orton at SummerSlam.

With Survivor Series coming up in a few weeks, the odds of Rusev getting his WWE release papers are likely small, as he was featured prominently when SmackDown laid siege on Monday Night Raw last week. But as the Inquisitr wrote yesterday, WWE rumors are suggesting there could be more releases to follow yesterday's batch of three – it's just not sure whose jobs may be in jeopardy, or when WWE will announce their departure from the company.

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