Manafort Will Flip, Roll, Snitch And Impeach Trump To Avoid 20 Years In Prison -- So Says Twitter

There is no honor among thieves, so the saying goes. As such, Twitter is surmising that embattled former campaign manager Paul Manafort will spill the beans about any allegations of illegal doings that extend beyond those alleged in the 31-page PDF indictment against Manafort and Rick Gates, as reported by Inquisitr. Manafort and Gates are being viewed as big fish that can be used to potentially catch an even bigger fish -- President Donald Trump -- as special counsel Bob Mueller's investigation continues into reportedly illegal happenings and charges of conspiracy against the U.S.

As seen in the above photo, Manafort stood with then-Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka Trump on July 21, 2016. Last year, the trio was performing a walk-through at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. More than one year later, Manafort -- along with Gates -- is being accused of laundering million of dollars and conspiring against the U.S.

As seen in the below tweets, armchair politicos are guessing that Manafort will speak further about any alleged connections between Trump and Russia and beyond in order to avoid prison time, or to receive a reduced sentence. With the indictment accusing Manafort of lying to federal authorities, the government investigators now purportedly have leverage against Manafort that could be used as a bargaining tool. Manafort and his former business associate are facing charges that could carry prison sentences of up to 20 years, according to the New York Times.

As seen on Twitter, a plethora of tweets are guessing at how long it will take Manafort to flip on Trump in order to strike a deal with federal investigators. With George Papadopoulos, President Trump's former policy adviser, admitting his guilt over lying to agents about Russian meetings, according to the Guardian, George is also being accused of "rolling over," as seen in the next tweet.
People on Twitter are also reminding President Trump of just how important Manafort was to the Trump campaign by retweeting a tweet stating as such by Sean Hannity, seen below.
While most Twitter users are betting that Manafort may use any leverage that he can against Trump to avoid prison time, others are blaming Mueller's entire investigation on a conspiracy against Trump and the alleged tax reform he's attempting to have passed.
The variety of tweets being published about what Twitter users are claiming is Trump's inevitable fate -- prison time -- can be read below.
[Featured Image by Evan Vucci/AP Images]