Anna Faris Reportedly Had To Make Last-Minute Changes To 'Unqualified' After Sudden Split From Chris Pratt

In her new memoir Unqualified, actress Anna Faris shares stories about her career and her family, but the final version is missing a chapter about her ex-husband Chris Pratt and their future plans. Between the time Faris finished the original version of the book and its release, she and Pratt divorced after eight years of marriage, and the Mom star had to make some changes before being published.

According to Page Six, Faris completely removed a chapter about the Guardians of the Galaxy star and the couple's plans to have a second child. In an advanced proof that was sent to press two months before their August split, there is an entire chapter focused on how the two made their relationship work long-distance during filming.

Faris reveals how the two made sure to call each other every day and make the most of the time they had when they were together. She also wrote that the couple had plans to eventually move back to Washington and live life away from the Hollywood spotlight.

Those pages have all disappeared from the final version.

Hollywood Life reports that there was also a paragraph about the pair's plans to have another baby. She said there was no pressure to have a second child (they do have one son named Jack, 5), but she was considering freezing her eggs in case they wanted a baby in the future.

In addition to deleting an entire chapter, Anna Faris also adjusted a few other things, including changing present-tense moments with Pratt to past-tense, and she also left out stories that focused on her ex-husband.

Faris, 40, wrote the book while Pratt, 38, was on the press tour for his film Passengers, which he starred in with Jennifer Lawrence. During filming, rumors flew about the co-stars and Faris called them "weirdly stinging." Per the Huffington Post, Faris' publicist warned her that the paparazzi would be all over Pratt and Lawrence during filming, and she needed to "brace herself" for what was to come.

Even though the book came out after the couple's divorce, Pratt still wrote the forward, and in it, he wrote that fame was a "pain in the butt." However, he said, the two were "thick-skinned," and they would be just fine.

Anna Faris' Unqualified is on sale now in bookstores everywhere.

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