Gold Bar Heist: Seven Arrested By Curacao Police

Willemstad, Curacao – A gold bar heist on the Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao has seen seven suspects arrested in connection with the theft. 70 gold bars worth an estimated $11.5 million were stolen in the gold bar heist, which took place on November 30.

Curacao police spokesman Reginald Huggins said Friday that those arrested included one man from Bonaire, three from Venezuela and the remainder from Curacao. The men are still being questioned over their involvement in the gold bar heist, though one of the suspects was later released.

Huggins also confirmed that one of those arrested was the owner of a local jewelry store, and at least two other suspects were arrested at the home of the jeweler.

Police carried out the arrests on Thursday, almost a whole month since a group of gunmen pretending to be police stole 216 kilograms (476 pounds) of gold bars from a fishing boat (pictured below) in Curacao.

Authorities in Curacao have not said where the gold was being delivered, though a crew member from the ship says gold was being delivered to an unidentified company in Curacao.

The boat was legally carrying 476 pounds of gold from the South American country of Guyana through Curacao and local police had been notified. During the gold bar heist, the captain of the boat was hit in the head before the thieves piled the gold into three cars and escaped.

At the time of the gold bar heist, Huggins said the men had been allowed into the closed off area because they acted as customs officials. Crew members on the boat would later describe how the men were wearing masks and acted quickly, leaving within just a few minutes.

Gold Bar Heist - Seven Arrested By Curacao Police Boat

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