Did Matt Lauer Hang Megyn Kelly Out To Dry? Lauer Is Overheard Gossiping In New Report

Matt Lauer is a big name on the NBC campus, but should Megyn Kelly expect loyalty from this host just because they are co-workers? Rumor has it that Megyn Kelly's failing shows on NBC have weakened her ability to pull in big-name interviews.

According to a new report, Kelly might even be at the point where her charisma for attracting these big names no longer exist. Page Six reports how during a recent conversation that Matt Lauer had with an industry insider, he not only didn't defend his co-worker Megyn Kelly, but he agreed with the comments on her waning popularity these days.

Page Six suggests that "Matt Lauer threw Megyn Kelly under the bus," with a conversation he had in earshot of a Page Six spy. The industry insider had remarked to Lauer that "celebrities are being advised" to avoid Megyn Kelly Today due to the struggle she is having with the ratings.

According to this insider, Lauer commented that he "gets it" and then added that "it's a big problem for them," with "them" meaning the folks orchestrating Kelly's show. People were "stunned," reports Page Six, that Lauer didn't say a word to defend his co-worker.

Publicists are the ones doing the advising of their celebrity clients to steer clear of Kelly's show, according to Page Six. The top reason for this alleged avoidance campaign is Kelly's failing ratings, but the "dust-ups" she's had with Jane Fonda and Debra Messing are also a couple of other reasons Kelly's show is like taboo for the celebrities today, suggests Page Six.


Back in September, Kelly who was just two days into her new show at the 9 a.m. hour, managed to really upset Jane Fonda when bringing up "plastic surgery" for the actress. Then when Messing was a guest on Kelly's show, she asked a question of a "super fan" of the show Will & Grace and that question went over like a lead balloon with Messing.

Kelly asked that fan if it "is true that you became a lawyer, and you became gay, because of [co-star Eric McCormack's character] Will?" You can see why this question may have put Messing in a bad mood. The "famed morning" show over at NBC had its lowest week in ratings for Katie and Hoda since 2010 from Kelly allegedly dragging the ratings down, according to Page Six.


Despite the reports of Matt Lauer throwing Kelly under the bus and Megyn Kelly dragging down the ratings, NBC claims everything is fine over at the network. A rep for the Today Show told Page Six -- "Sounds like a few troublemakers are trying to stir up drama where there just isn't any. Everyone's doing just fine at the Today' show."

They added that "Today was the No. 1 morning show outright, topping Good Morning America in total viewers and all demos last Monday." So do you listen to the rumors or go by the numbers?

[Featured Image by Charles Sykes/AP Images]