Mariano Bittolo Injury: Soccer Star Slices Open His Manhood After Teammate Crashes Into Him, Needs 10 Stitches

Mariano Bittolo suffered a gruesome injury on the field for his Albacete team this week, slicing open his penis after a hard hit and needing 10 stitches.

The Argentine soccer player was injured after teammate Roman Zozulya accidentally stepped on him during a 0-0 draw against Huesca this weekend, the New York Daily News reported. Zozulya's cleats caught Bittolo in his groin area, with Bittolo never seeing the collision coming and having no chance to protect himself.

Bittolo was sent crashing to the ground as he writhed in intense pain, calling for medical staff. He then took a peek at the damage in his shorts, with his face showing that it was not looking very good.

Reports after the game noted that Mariano Bittolo needed 10 stitches to close the wound.

The match was an important one, as Huesca is fighting to play their way into the top tier league in Spain. Sitting in fourth place, the squad is angling for promotion into La Liga and was hoping for a win against the 18th-ranked Albacete team.

But Albacete was able to recover from Mariano Bittolo's gruesome injury, securing a draw in the match.

The unlikely, but gruesome injury made headlines around the globe, with many sports and news outlets covering video of the collision and Bittolo's agony afterward.

Roman Zozulya has a controversial history himself. He was originally on the roster for Rayo Vallecano but they had to release him after backlash from fans after reports that he had neo-Nazi links in his native Ukraine. As the Sun reported, it was revealed that Zozulya had links to a controversial paramilitary group made up primarily of neo-Nazis. An image of Zozulya wearing a military uniform and holding a rifle was reportedly used to recruit new members to the group.

After the controversy, Rayo Vallencalo canceled the contract of the controversial player, who penned a letter noting that it was a misunderstanding and insisting that he did not have ties to any neo-Nazi groups.

As for Mariano Bittolo and his gruesome penis injury, the team has not yet indicated how long he might be out.

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