Husband And Wife Plead Guilty In 'Barbaric' Sex Acts With A Toddler

A husband and wife providing daycare to a toddler did things to that child that were "barbaric," said the judge presiding over their case. Both Justin and Jessica Crandall pleaded guilty to the federal charges levied against them entailing the sexual exploitation of a toddler and both are facing up to 30 years in prison.

According to Fox News, the Crandall couple had videos and pictures of what they did to the baby and the judge deemed them "barbaric acts." It was when Justin Crandall sent one of those videos to an acquaintance of his, that police were contacted.

The FBI obtained search warrants for the Crandall home after that image was turned into the police. They found the explicit images and videos on a cell phone at their house.

Justin Crandall, 29, made videos and took photos of himself "using the child in sex acts." Court documents indicate that Jessica Crandall, 27, admitted that she and her husband "engaged in repeated sexual activities" involving the child.

According to the Press Connects, the crimes were listed as "three felony counts of sexual exploitation of a child," for which Justin entered the plea of "guilty." His wife Jessica entered a plea of "guilty" to "felony counts of conspiracy to sexually exploit a child and sexual exploitation of a child."

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The grand jury indictment charged both Jessica and Justin Crandall with the following federal felonies: "one count of conspiracy to sexually exploit a child, along with five counts of sexual exploitation of a child." Another indictment for Justin Crandall alone entailed a "felony count of distribution of child pornography."

The FBI indicated that "Justin Crandall's abuse of the victim was connected to his meth addiction," cites the Press Connects. Justin Crandall admitted to "touching the minor child in a sexual manner while he was under the influence of methamphetamine."

The couple started providing daycare for the toddler sometime around Thanksgiving last year and continued caring for the child until February 11 of this year. The New York couple watched the toddler in their home in Sidney.

The mother of the 17-months-old toddler told the authorities that she had "noticed some differences in the child's behavior" and that her toddler had some "unexplained injuries."

The Crandall couple appeared in court on Friday and both offered pleas of "guilty." Both husband and wife face a minimum of 15 years in prison for their crimes against the child, with a maximum of 30 years possibly hanging over their heads. Their sentencing will take place in the Binghamton Federal Court in February.

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