Andy Cohen Responds To Kathy Griffin's Scathing Allegations About His Behavior Backstage At Bravo—Fans React

Andy Cohen has issued a response to comedian Kathy Griffin's blistering allegations about his behavior when she worked for him for nearly 10 years on the Bravo network. Cohen, the Bravo producer, host, and mastermind behind the network's hit Real Housewives franchise, has denied Griffin's allegations that he treated her poorly and offered her cocaine on two separate occasions when she appeared on his late night show Watch What Happens Live.

In an angry 17-minute video (which you can see below), Kathy Griffin called out Andy Cohen after the Bravo host pretended not to know her when asked about her by a TMZ cameraman. In her retaliation video, Kathy Griffin detailed her long personal work history with Cohen, whom she lumped in with TMZ head honcho Harvey Levin as someone "who just lives to take women down."

Kathy Griffin alleged that Andy Cohen offered her cocaine on multiple occasions backstage at Watch What Happens Live. Griffin said the first time Andy asked her to do "blow," she thought he was kidding. But when it happened on a second occasion, she knew he was serious.

"He is going to say he was kidding," Griffin told viewers.

"No. He was asking me to do cocaine with him. That made me very uncomfortable."
Andy Cohen responds to Kathy Griffin's allegations
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Griffin went on to assure fans that other late night hosts like Jimmy Kimmel and the ladies from The View have never asked her to do cocaine with them before a show.

Kathy Griffin also revealed that Andy Cohen treated her "like a dog" and is "deeply misogynistic." In her rant video, Griffin slammed Cohen's Real Housewives shows as being degrading to women, saying the hit Bravo franchise is just "50-year-old women pulling each other's hair."

In response to Kathy Griffin's scathing video, Andy Cohen took to Twitter to deny the comedian's allegations against him.

"I am completely stunned by this story. It is 100% false and totally made up," Cohen wrote.

Earlier this year, Kathy Griffin lost her share of fans after posting a controversial photo of a Trump beheading—a stunt she maintains was just a plastic mask covered with ketchup—but many fans are supporting her in the aftermath of her slam against Andy Cohen.
Kathy Griffin worked for Andy Cohen for many years. Griffin's show, My Life on the D List, aired on Bravo for six seasons and won two Emmy Awards. Griffin has acknowledged that after calling out Andy Cohen, she now knows she will never work for NBC Universal or Bravo again. In addition, after Kathy Griffin was fired for posting a controversial photo of a severed Donald Trump head, Andy Cohen was named to replace her on CNN's New Year's Eve special with Anderson Cooper.

You can see Kathy Griffin's entire video below.

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