Celeb Hair Stylist Jen Atkin Shares Scary Video Of Her Home Being Burglarized

Jen Atkin, hair stylist to celebrities including Chrissy Teigen and the Kardashians, caught her home being broken into on video.

Atkin was working on Friday when she was alerted to home security footage showing two burglars inside her Southern California home. The suspects were seen digging through Jen’s jewelry before checking out her Yeezy shoe collection.

People magazine reported on the scary home break-in as Jen shared several posts to Snapchat. The site quoted Atkin as she narrated a Snapchat video of the burglars saying police were on the way.

She went on to post an update telling her followers that the burglary was being investigated, and she couldn’t share too many details. However, she did state she and husband Mike Rosenthal were doing okay.

“We are OK. Feels violating but we are healthy happy and blessed.”

Jen went on to tell her Snapchat viewers that it was strange to think the burglars were in more need of the valuables than her and Mike.

“Weirdly thinking the people who robbed us needed it more than we do.”

Atkin later shared another video from the burglary as she said the suspects used one of her designer purses to haul the stolen jewelry.

Jen Atkin and Mike Rosenthal house burglarized
Jen Atkin and Mike Rosenthal [Image by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images]

After rummaging through several drawers in the closet, the suspects are then seen checking the size on Jen’s Yeezy shoes, which are Kanye West’s widely popular and hard-to-find sneakers.

One burglar then goes through Atkin’s makeup drawer where she said she keeps her Kylie Cosmetics lip kits by Kylie Jenner and her Kim Kardashian-West beauty products.

She then implied, in a lighthearted joke, that the burglars were looking for Kardashian-related items, according to People.

“Like none of my name-brand shoes were taken, he literally just is checking the size of my Yeezys. He’s also going through the drawer that I keep all my Kylie Lip Kits and my KKW Beauty — what’s happening here?”

Atkin stated that several homes on her street were broken into by the same suspects and neighbors were putting the clues together to help police.

She also said it was not very smart of the burglars to be breaking into homes that had security cameras as their images are now public.

“It’s so crazy that people do this with cameras it’s like so not smart.”


News of Atkin and Rosenthal’s home being burglarized is not the first of its kind as Kim Kardashian and Kanye West reported cars were broken into in their driveway earlier this month, according to People. The suspect then went on to target a car parked next door in neighbor Kathy Griffin’s driveway.

In March, Atkin’s friend Kendall Jenner had her home burglarized as well. However, it doesn’t seem as if Jen is as shaken up by the crime as Jenner reportedly was when her home was burglarized.

In fact, it appears Jen and Mike are taking it in stride as they continue working and making lighthearted remarks about the situation.

[Featured Image by Araya Diaz/Getty Images]