Smoked Salmon Recalled For Listeria By Sam’s Club

Smoked salmon sold at Sam’s Club stores has been recalled in 42 states, as well as Puerto Rico, over concerns about listeria.

The product is being pulls “with an overabundance of caution,” according to a statement by Sam’s Club parent company Walmart.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the fish being recalled was produced by a Miami subsidiary of Multiexport Foods Inc, working with Tampa Bay Fisheries Inc.

The bacteria, listeria monocytogenes, was found during the course of a standard lab test on a shipment of the product that had not yet been distributed to stores. If ingested, it can cause fatal infections in the elderly, young, and those with a weakened immune system.

There have been no illnesses related to the smoked salmon being recalled. The recall was first launched last week, but was expanded to 42 states this week. It is voluntary.


Included in the recall are the three-ounce package of Nathan’s Brand Cold Smoked Salmon and the four-ounce package of Lasco Cold Smoked Nova Atlantic Salmon, according to The Denver Post.

The Lasco salmon’s UPC is 0 72840 01751 7 and the Nathan’s brand salmon has a UPC of 0 73030 80368 2. The products have been vacuum-packed in a plastic pouch on a foil board. The recalled products were distributed to retail outlets between November 12 and December 21. They can be taken back to retail stores for a full refund.

Frank Yiannas, Walmart’s vice president of food safety, wrote a letter to customers assuring them that both Tampa Bay Fisheries and Multiexport Foods are cooperating with an investigation launched by the FDA following the announcement of the smoked salmon recall.