Jinger Duggar And Jeremy Vuolo Slammed For Flying First Class, Husband Calls Wife 'Angel' On Instagram

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo have been criticized, not just for their frequent travels, but the fact that they are flying luxuriously. The couple chose to fly out to visit Jeremy Vuolo's family on the east coast, a few days before their first wedding anniversary, and captured their travels, as they often do, on their Instagram accounts. While the picture sought to highlight the cute part of their relationship, it instead revealed that the young couple seems to enjoy a certain level of comfort.

Ever since the 23-year-old Duggar married Jeremy Vuolo, she has been making a few changes in her life. First, she moved out of her home state Arkansas to live with her husband in Laredo, Texas, where he is practicing to become a minister. Second, she decided to wear pants regularly, shocking the fans who thought that she would uphold the strict Duggar dress code like her other married sisters did.

However, the last change that she made in her life seemed to surprise the fans the most. Considering that Jinger was brought up to be thrifty and conservative in her spending habits, it looks like she and her husband like to indulge themselves in worldly pleasures.

The photo that Jeremy Vuolo posted on his Instagram account showed that the couple flew first class to visit his parents in Pennsylvania.

One fan wrote in the comment section, "First class? Do ministers in small towns really make that much?"

Flying first class can be 10 times the price of a regular economy seat, which is why fans are wondering how the newlyweds can afford to travel with such comfort. Some of them seem to have made sense of this by themselves, postulating that "they rode first class for his aging parents need to ride in comfort."

But Jinger and Jeremy riding in first class was not the only thing that caught the followers' attention. Some of them also noticed that Duggar's face was looking a little different.

One fan asked, "Does poor sweet Jinger have a black eye?"

"Ya..why the black eye and fat lip?" Another one inquired.

These questions seem to ask whether her husband has been abusive toward her. But many onlookers thought that it was her makeup, which was rubbing off on her as she endured a long flight in the first class.

Either way, Jinger seems to have thoroughly enjoyed her visit to her in-laws. Considering that her wedding anniversary is just around the corner, it looks like she wants to make sure that she knows what grounds her as she looks to grow a family of her own.

Jeremy also got the chance to re-establish his bond with his father."Jinger you have such beautiful relationship with your in-laws," a fan wrote. "That's a blessing! Happy Thursday."

Do you think Jinger and Jeremy's marriage is just as blissful as it looks on Instagram? Let us know in the comments below.

[Featured Image by Jeremy Vuolo/Instagram]