Man’s 3-Foot Penis And 11-Pound Scrotum Gone: Surgeons Give 20-Year-Old New Lease On Life

A 20-year-old man couldn’t live his life the way most men do as he had a penis that grew to three-feet-long and his testicles weighed 11-pounds. Horace Owiti Opiyo, who is called Florence, once told his grandmother that he thought he was cursed. He claimed that something this horrendous could not be God’s work, but the devil’s.

Science offers evidence to show that this probably wasn’t a curse, or the work of the devil, but it actually could have been the work of a mosquito, according to the New York Post. A run-of-the-mill mosquito could have caused this man’s penis to grow three feet in length and pack on the pounds he was carrying around in his scrotum.

This condition can occur from a mosquito bite, with the mosquito injecting larvae into the bloodstream. These larvae mature and grow into parasitic worms and as they get bigger they block the drainage system of the body, which causes the swelling.

In 2006, Florence first noticed what looked like a cyst on his genitals and he had it removed, but within a year’s time it “came back with a vengeance.” This is when his penis grew to three-feet in length, reports the New York Post. As his condition got worse, Florence was left without an option but to live with this horrendous problem.

Mosquito biting human
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He couldn’t afford surgery and the herbal remedies that he did try didn’t work. His condition was so bad that he had to put his education on hold. There wasn’t much he could do while carrying around such large body parts, with all that extra weight in the area of the body not designed for this massive bulk.

He was petrified to go near the water, although he loved to swim. He said his fear was with the “heaviness of that thing” and he didn’t know how he would fare while attempting a swim. According to the Mirror, walking wasn’t easy for Florence with his condition, as his genitals were 20-times more than the average size. The Mirror offers a graphic video on Florence, which might be hard for some people to watch.

The video demonstrates what this young man dealt with medically. The video was not created as a sideshow-type venue, and it is not meant to be entertaining. It does, however, give you a better understanding of what this young man was dealing with in his life before he was offered the surgery. It was a horrendous mass he carried around, and you can see why he feels he has a new lease on life today after all of that was removed.

Florence’s life was so disrupted by his condition that a neighbor who lives in Florence’s homeland of Kenya, put his plight on a social media site. This story gathered a lot of attention from the online community, and it also caught the eye of a local governor’s wife, who made arrangements for a doctor to take a look at Florence.

The doctors who saw Florence had him undergo two surgical operations to reduce the size of his scrotum and to rebuild the penis to a normal size so it could be used. Florence has a new lease on life with his education the first thing he is looking forward to getting back to.

He couldn’t believe how light he was when he first got up after his procedures were complete and his man parts were back to normal size.

“All the heaviness is gone,” Florence said. He is also swimming once again.

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