WWE Rumors: Vince McMahon Shot Down A Bullet Club Reunion Match At ‘TLC’

A couple of days before last week’s TLC pay-per-view, an illness breakout in the Monday Night Raw locker room caused WWE to make a lot of last-minute changes. Bray Wyatt was taken off the card and AJ Styles was put in his place to face off against Finn Balor in what was essentially a fan’s dream match. Hardcore wrestling fans immediately started making assumptions and speculating if the Bullet Club would reunite, but Vince McMahon shot all of that down.

The changes to the card included Kurt Angle taking Roman Reigns’ spot in the main event and Styles taking Wyatt’s place against Balor. Of course, seeing Balor and Styles together in the ring brought back memories of the time spent by the two men in the Bullet Club, and some wondered if something would come of it.

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, there are rumors that an idea was pitched for a different replacement match for Balor at TLC, and it wouldn’t have been a single bout.

Apparently, the idea was thrown out that Balor would actually team up with Styles, Luke Gallows, and Karl Anderson for a four-on-four tag team match. The four men would come together to face off against four unknown opponents, but Vince McMahon shot the entire thing down.

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It isn’t quite known just who the four former members of the Bullet Club would have faced, but Vince didn’t appear to be very accepting of the idea. Maybe he is waiting for another time in place for that kind of reunion or maybe he’s just so sour on the Bullet Club lately that he didn’t want any mention of them at all on a WWE pay-per-view.

According to Sportskeeda, a number of fans began thinking that Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows would interfere in Balor vs. Styles at TLC, but that obviously didn’t happen. Anderson even said on Twitter that he would be watching the event on WWE Network and not at ringside at any point.

After seeing the match the two superstars put on at the last minute, it’s hard to imagine that WWE won’t go this route again. There is also a good chance that WWE could go with a Bullet Club reunion of some sort in the future too, but Vince McMahon simply wasn’t ready for that to take place at TLC. While a big eight-man tag would have been fun to see, it’s hard to imagine who Finn Balor, AJ Styles, Gallows, and Anderson could have been matched up against.

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