Jeremy Roloff Shares 3 Simple Tips To ‘Water’ Marriage And ‘Keep Grass Green,’ Major Milestone For Baby Ember

Popular reality show couple Jeremy and Audrey Roloff shared posts on their social media accounts that provide marriage tips for those who want to keep their relationship from drying up and show a major milestone for baby Ember Jean, respectively.

Little People, Big World fans will surely appreciate the relationship advice from Jeremy. The 27-year-old new father posted a photo of her sister Molly Jo with husband Joel Silvius, who got married last August, walking hand-in-hand through a field of grass at Roloff Farms. The photo with the accompanying marriage tips was first posted on the Beating 50 Percent Facebook page.

The original post first quoted the popular verse “you reap what you sow.” Jeremy, via the Beating 50 Percent post, then asked if their readers are giving their marriage enough water to “sustain the drought.”

Jeremy has three simple tips to “water your marriage” to make sure that the grass stays green.

The first advice, according to Jeremy, is to stay off the phone for an hour after waking up in the morning. One should also put the phone down one hour before going to bed.

Jeremy also said that regularly telling one’s spouse how much they appreciate them will do wonders in keeping the marriage healthy. A simple text each day will do the job, according to Jeremy.

The third tip to keep the grass green, so to say, is to help each other out with the house chores. A simple gesture like doing a chore that your spouse normally does will definitely put a smile on his or her face.

Jeremy also shared a bonus tip for couples. He asked those with the Marriage Journal from the Navigator’s Council to take note of a particular “dream, craving, or desire” and make it come true with the help of their spouses.

As for Audrey, the 26-year-old mom recently bragged about baby Ember Jean’s latest major milestone. In the photo Audrey shared, Ember is showing off how Ember is developing nicely. The 6-week-old Roloff baby seems strong enough, particularly around the neck area, to hold her head.

“Pretty dang good for 6 weeks,” Audrey said of Ember Jean’s “head action.”

Audrey also placed three flexed biceps emojis to make sure her followers get what she’s trying to say.

Aside from commending the newest milestone in Ember Jean’s life so far, fans of the Little People, Big World mother-and-daughter tandem are praising the baby’s looks. Many of the comments talked about how Ember looked a lot more like Jeremy. One fan even said that Ember looked like Jeremy in a pink outfit.

A few followers couldn’t help but put their two cents in. One reminded Audrey to still support Ember Jean’s head as her neck and spine may not be strong enough at six weeks. Another fan, who claimed to be a hair stylist, said that it would be better if Audrey let Ember’s hair breathe.

A number of the photos that Audrey and Jeremy have shared so far show Ember wearing a baby turban or a headband. While such cute headgear makes Ember look more adorable, the hair stylist fan may have a point.

According to Cafe Mom, infants like Ember are better off not wearing hats. Newborn babies are provided hats to keep them warm, but according to childcare experts interviewed by Cafe Mom, babies don’t need to wear hats once they leave the hospital if they are in pink health. Hats are also not necessary when indoors especially when the temperature is between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

[Featured Image by Audrey Roloff/Facebook]