Kate Middleton, Camilla Parker Bowles, Queen In Royal War With Prince Harry’s Girlfriend Meghan Markle?

Prince Harry’s girlfriend Meghan Markle reportedly isn’t the royal family’s cup of tasty tea. Markle is facing rosy rumors that she is engaged at the same time as negative reports that she has infuriated members of the royal family, with feud allegations including Kate Middleton, Queen Elizabeth, and Camilla Parker Bowles. And much as Prince Harry may want to protect his girlfriend from royal disapproval, he apparently hasn’t influenced his relatives enough to sway their alleged dislike for Meghan.

Meghan Markle: “Passive-Aggressive” Present For Kate?

According to Yahoo, Kate Middleton is increasingly against Harry’s girlfriend. Although Middleton has succeeded in keeping her smile bright when she’s in public with Harry, it’s reportedly a very different relationship when they’re together away from the public spotlight.

“Kate Middleton may be all smiles when she’s out-and-about with Prince Harry at public engagements, but things are reportedly very different behind closed doors.”

Kate allegedly is annoyed with Meghan for multiple reasons. First, Middleton has had to watch Markle and Prince Harry bask in the limelight that Kate reportedly feels should be focused on her third pregnancy. In addition, Middleton allegedly is envious of Meghan’s ability to manipulate the media because of the Suits star’s acting background.

However, rumors that Kate and Prince Harry’s girlfriend are clashing occurred even before Middleton announced her third pregnancy. In February, the Mercury News reported that Markle gave Kate a highly publicized gift that was thought to be embarrassingly wrong.

Did Meghan wreck the potential for a friendship with Middleton from the start? Markle’s choice of a dream journal that requires hours to maintain was viewed as a “passive-aggressive” gesture.

Prince Harry’s Girlfriend Sassy Not Classy?

But it’s not just Kate who reportedly isn’t a fan of Prince Harry’s girlfriend. Yahoo reported that Meghan is being compared to Middleton, and there are rumors that the Queen dislikes Markle because the actress is too “sassy,” rather than classy like Kate.

“Meghan Markle…uses her voice to engage with people. However, the Queen is used to listening to softly spoken royal family members, like Kate Middleton.”

While the Queen reportedly approved of Harry’s ex-girlfriends Cressida Bonas and Chelsy Davy, Meghan is seen as “sassy-voiced.” In contrast, Kate has learned the art of staying calm and collected and not revealing what she thinks, pointed out voice coach Jade Joddle.

Kate Middleton, the Queen, and Camilla Parker Bowles reportedly are united in royal disapproval of Prince Harry's girlfriend Meghan Markle.
Kate Middleton, the Queen, and Camilla Parker Bowles reportedly are united in royal disapproval of Prince Harry's girlfriend Meghan Markle. [Image by Jamie Wiseman - WPA Pool/Getty Images]

But the Express offered a different perspective in comparing Prince Harry’s previous girlfriends with Markle. While Cressida and Chelsy reportedly could not survive all the attention that comes with dating Harry, Meghan is accustomed to being in the spotlight. Is Markle’s self-assurance enough to help her ignore the alleged disapproval of Kate Middleton, Queen Elizabeth, and Camilla Parker Bowles?

Camilla Parker Bowles Reportedly Royally Disapproves

Add Camilla to the list of alleged members of the anti-Meghan club. As the Inquisitr reported, even though Middleton and Parker Bowles reportedly are feuding over who shall become the next king, Kate and Camilla allegedly agree that Markle should be blocked from becoming a member of the royal family.

Parker Bowles reportedly doesn’t feel that Meghan’s background is suitable when it comes to earning the honor of becoming Harry’s royal wife. And while Middleton is allegedly jealous of how Markle stole the spotlight from her pregnancy, Camilla reportedly is jealous of the way in which Meghan has been accepted.

Prince Harry has been very protective of Markle, making it challenging for Parker Bowles and Middleton to go against his girlfriend, pointed out Radar Online.

“It’s like Harry’s got a circle of Rottweilers around Meghan and no one can say a bad thing about her.”

In contrast, Camilla faced seemingly endless obstacles in getting accepted, still facing blame in some quarters for ending the marriage of Prince Harry’s father Prince Charles and late mother, Princess Diana. As a result, Parker Bowles allegedly is infuriated by Meghan.

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